Pedophelia is NEVER a Sexual Orientation: A Call Out to TEDx and Animals Who Thinks This Way

Pedophelia is not a sexual.orientation boycott tedx
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Pedophelia is NEVER a Sexual Orientation: A Call Out to TEDx and Animals Who Thinks This Way

Saying , thinking, agreeing, consenting to Phedopelia on the excuse that it is a sexual orientation that animals (sorry I cam’t call you people) can’t control their preferences is the biggest lie and excuse a pervert will make to get away with this sickening crime!

Let this sink in the oerverts heads I will fight you, I will call you out I will use my voice loud and clear to tell the world this is unacceptable!  Pedophelia is never a sexual orientation! It is a crime! A crime against humas, a crime agains a child! A crime against life!

Can you imagine a world when Pedophelia is accepted as a norm like LGBT?  A child cannot give consent to sexual abuse a child is innocent unless when brought to disgusting, disturbing circumstances that the child will have to live for life!

It is sickening to know that a child can no longer play happily and innocently and enjoy his and her childhood because everyone else might look at him or her sexually . This turns my stomach upside down it is a chilling thought!

I am gravely disappointed by TEDx for allowing such talk in their sessions. Even for an intelligent conversation and even all their scientific munbo jumbos and scholarly talks and premises, we all now pedohelia is not right in all levels!  Pedophelia is unaccetable in all levels!  NEVER!

Don’t give me the bullshit that we were never told or we have no strong moral grounds on what is right or wrong!

We all started as a child. We know how innocent we are , we just like to explore, play and be loved by our parents, siblinfs , friends and the community.  This childhood is tainted if something haopened in between the childhood that changes the hearts and mind of a man.

Never a child . The world knows this! If not did I live in a shell?

Below is the video that triggered me to write this as a form of protest and call out to all supporting pedophiles!  PEDOPHELIA IS NEVER A SEXUAL ORIENTATION BURY THAT IN YOUR MIND, I would say heart and conscience but I am sure you no longer have it because you give your to consent this. I am calling out TEDx and all the animals in the world who agree to this thinking.

Incidentally even before I finish this post Facebook took down my call out on my wall against this disgusting, soine chilling thought.

Pedophelia is not a sexual.orientation boycott tedx

Below are screenshots of the video from TEDx and news about their supoort to this thinking.  Change org h petition against TEDx so let us all remember this day!

Pedophelia is not a sexual.orientation boycott tedx

Below is my Facebook post that was deleted:

Those who agree with me and save children all over the world leave a comment below and sign the petition. We should be heard loud and proud!

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