Gardenia Delicia

Why Gardenia Delicia + A House of Del’s Giveaway

It has been five months since the family tried out the Gardenia Delicia spreads and all I can say is my daughter is our barrometer of what is good and not.  She basically looks for it at the grocery even during the time when there was a scarse supply.

I can try to describe what Gardenia Delicia taste like but let these photos speak for itself.

Gardenia Delicia Gardenia Delicia

Gardenia Delicia

Gardenia Delicia

Picture paints a thousand words. I don’t have to explain what just happened.

Anyway, I rally want you to try and experience Gardenia Delicia spreads. With that said I am giving away Gardenia Delicia products to 5 lucky winners!

All you have to do is
1. On your social media (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) post a photo of you and your kids in a delightful moment be it playing, dancing, singing or eating.
2. In your photo caption include “We want Gardenia Delicia make our House of Dels / delightfully delicious Delicia. ”
3. Tag @earthlingorgeous #earthlingorgeousxgardeniadelicia

Winners will be announced on August 27,2018. Gardenia will be the one to send the products to the winners.

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