4 Types of Jewelry Statements That Last for Generations

4 Types of Jewelry Statements That Last for Generations

Jewelry. Sometimes that is all that needs to be said. Jewelry makes us feel like the most beautiful we could ever be. This is a feeling that most certainly has been shared with people all the way back to before the 15th century. Jewelry has had an amazing evolution through the years, yet some ideas about jewelry have remained the same.

Today, we can buy jewelry from all different time periods, depending, of course, on how much money we have to spend.  Silver jewelry is a favorite as it can be paired with any type of clothing from casual to formal attire.

There are pieces of jewelry in museums and family collections that are so expensive they are priceless. A jewelry store in San Diego has to offer can help the community by selling modern jewelry to men and women wanting to show their love. People buying jewelry in San Diego, and all across the country, are lucky. They get to choose om jewelry made by designers who have influenced jewelry makers for thousands of years. Jewelry has changed a bit over the years.

Types of Jewelry

The Middle ages is a good time to start looking at jewelry through the ages. There were, of course, people who made small baubles to wear out of the shell and organic material way back to the beginning of man. These were materials simply worn in their natural state.

In the 13th century, the Egyptians made some impressive jewelry. It was in the 15th Century that the Greeks created and crafted artistic pieces of jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones. There was jewelry made for adornment before this, but the Greeks are a great place to start.

Between the 8th century and the 15th century was the Middle Ages. During the Middle Ages, many fine pieces of jewelry were made across Europe and abroad. Gold and stones were used in the jewelry to make beautiful necklaces, bracelets, and more to show the appreciation of religious beliefs through the years.

Brooches were popular and the term filigree emerged as a sophisticated form of jewelry decoration. Filigree is delicate goldwork.

The next major influence on jewelry was the Renaissance. The times are about the 1300s to the 1600s. The Renaissance brought back mythical creature motifs to jewelry. More religious-themed jewelry was popular. Queen Elizabeth 1 was reigning around this time. She liked pearls on her jewelry and loved animal motifs with meaning. She was an avid lover of jewelry. Stone rings became popular during this time as well as more elaborately designed and created jewelry.

The Georgian period ran from about the early 1700s to the mid-1800s. The jewelry of the Georgian Period is notable because of the Rococo influence on the jewelry. Rococo jewelry is very ornate and elaborate. When you think gaudy and over the top, you are thinking Rococo. The pieces that still exist today are exquisite.

There was a lot of love given to jewelry during this time. People felt comfortable expressing their love to the one they love. We today love to express our love with a piece of jewelry. Not much has changed there.

The Victorian period is next, but Art Nouveau is an even more exciting jewelry time. Art Nouveau ran from around 1880 to 1910. Art Nouveau examples can still be seen in some of the areas of Paris.

There is a famous subway station sign that shows the weeping thin lines that helped make up the art nouveau movement. Jewelry of dragonflies, flowers, mysterious free-flowing ladies, and peacocks make up some of the pieces of art nouveau jewelry. The colors are a bit muted and iridescent.

From Art Nouveau until the present, jewelry has gone through even more transformations. The use of particle materials and colors has changed to match the sign of the times.

Diamonds, pearls, precious stones, gold, silver; everyone has their preference. It is worth finding a museum exhibit to take a look at some of the jewelry of the past. If you are so inclined, you can try to make jewelry yourself.

There has been an uptick in jewelry making in the US as many suburban areas have great craft stores. There is no doubt, though, that walking into a jewelry store and buying a beautifully designed piece of jewelry is one of the best ways for a man to win a woman’s heart.

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