We Went to Climb Central Manila to Wall Climb This is What Happened

We Went to Climb Central Manila to Wall Climb This is What Happened

If you are looking for a different kind of adventure or activities to do  with friends, family and relatives around Metro Manila , you may want to take a look at Climb Central Manila and try wall climbing!

I was there this weekend thanks to Travelbook.ph who gave me places to check out and  hang out at the metropolis. I have tried wall climbing but I don’t do it ever so often .  It was good to know that Climbing Central.Manila caters to all kinds of climbers from beginners to advanced and practice for a great outdoor rock climbing adventure!

Climb Central Manila review

What I think of it?

The staff are very accommodating and friendly. The facility is spacious and homey. The people who go there are friendly and there’s a community spirit going.  Lockers are free to use just bring your own lock or rent one for Php50 only.

The walls have different level of difficulty for you to climb, there’s a practice wall and the advanced kind of wall with pegs and carabiners hanging on the ceiling . You can sit anywhere bring water bottle anywhere the mat area . Food is only allowed at the lounge area.

You can stay in the facility the whole day or come in and do some climb for an hour and leave and then go back a few hours later.  They have unlimited climb for the whole day.

It is best to come with a partner because he/she will be your climbing partner. One will be on the ground to assist you aka belayers and the other one is the climber going up the wall.

There are three kinds of climbing you can do, the solo belay where you can climb on your own and just use the machine.  Then the one with your partner / belayer.  And the bouldering, a no ropes 2 meters high wall climbing (don’t worry there’s crash pads).

I can talk so much more about Climb Central and how it looks like but this vlog below can give you the exact look and feel of the area please watch!

If you would like to try out wall climbing , visit Climb Central Manila at Greenfield District in Mandaluyong City. Or to find an adventure or activity to do in Metro Manila or around the country visit Travelbook.ph.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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