Buy or Bye? Silkygirl Cosmetics OMG Powder Matte Lipstick, Photo Sharp Contour & Highlight , Quick Fix + No Sebum Mineral Powder

Silkygirl Cosmetics sent me a stash of their latest makeup  product offerings. I am over the moon with the new products they’re all I need for my everyday look!

The new products are :

  1. Silky Girl OMG Powder Matte Lipstick 
  2. Silkygirl cosmetics omg powder matte lipstick swatches and review
  3. Silkygirl Photo Sharp Contour and Highlight Silkygirl cosmetics contour and highlight sticks review and swatches
  4. Silkygirl No Sebum Mineral Powder
  5. SilkyGirl Quick Fix 
  6. Silkygirl cosmetics Quick Fix swatches and review

What I think of it?

I am in love with the OMG Powder Matte lipstick shades are perfect for subtle and everyday use. Glides easily and doesn’t dry the lips. It comes in 5 shades

I also am a fan of the Photosharp Contour stick perfect to clean up your eyebrow mess and put your highlights and contour at the right places with precise definition and opacity!

I haven’t played or used the Quick.Fix and the No Sebum powder but if you have seen my swatches the quick fix is pretty much full coverage and the powder is translucent and absorbs oil fast.

Is it a buy or a bye?  

Oh spluge on the Photosharp Sticks you won’t regret it!

You may watch the swatch party video here:

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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