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Chinese new Year Preparations to Enhance Good Luck!

February 5 is the set date for Chinese New Year this 2019 . If you are an avid Fengshui believed / enthusiasts or just someone who needs a little “magic” for good luck then continue reading.

Personally, I don’t see anything bad about trying to do things that is said to bring good luck and fortune in your life. If it’s good, take it by all means. If it will bring harm to you, your health and sanity then forget about it.

I had a chit-chat with my good friend FengShui Master Marites Allen the other day at the opening of her Frigga space in Rustans Makati and we discussed things to do to enhance luck for 2019.

She said 2019 is a good year for everyone in the zodiac as the Money/Wealth is at the center of everyone’s sign! This means everyone has the perfect timing and opportunities to reel in a lot of money and good fortune to come into their life. The chances are high if you do the luck enhancing rituals and have a positive outlook in life. Make investments, collaborate, open business anything that is guaranteed to make you money. Just be diligent and careful with people you deal with and business you get into, make sure they’re not a scam. If it’s too good to be true then it must be .

Anyway, here are some preparations you should do before the Chinese New Year to enhance your luck:


1. General Cleaning

If you’ve been practicing Marie Kondo’s Konmari method of organizing your house and your life,you’re on the right track. A general house cleaning is very important in welcoming the new lunar year! It is because the belief that getting rid of clutter is like letting go of stale luck and giving space for new and positive energy to come in. Every nook and cranny, cupboards, refrigerator, must be rid of unwanted stuff.


2. Repairs

If there’s anything that’s broken or leaking pipes and faucet in your house, get it fixed. Leaks indicate money loss, we don’t want that.


3. Fill your Rice bins

Rice bins should be filled to the brim or stocked enough to last the entire 15 days of the festival.


4. Fengshui Enhancers

If you consulted Marites Allen you should already know your Fengshui cured and Enhancers and they should all be in place before the 8th day before the CNY!


5. Flower power

Have a vase filled with fresh flowers to signify spring and growth.


6. Lucky fruits

Orange and tangerines which are popular symbols of happiness should be placed on a plate along with 8 kinds of dried fruits including pomegantes.


7. Angpao

Prepare red packets with “lucky money” in it and give out later as gifts. The gesture of giving is believed to bring luck to both giver and reciever.


8. Food

Fish, with a lot of scales and big enough to share with everuone, should be served whole on a plate. It represents abundance.
Chicken is also served whole for prosperity.
Fish balls, meatballs, and rice cakes which symbolize reunion and family closeness.
Noodles represent long life and therefore must not be cut.
Sweet desserts and fresh fruits for prosperity and sweet endings.
Do not it porridge or lugaw on the CNY day.


9. Lucky Color

Red, orange, green and gold in food and clothing is very lucky. Avoid serving anything white on the table as much as possible like Tofu!


10. Finances

Do not borrow and do not lend money before the CNY. Debts must be paid before the New Year’s Day.


11. No breakage

Do not break anything before and within the 15 days of the CNY as this means broken relationships.


12.Open Doors and Windows

On the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, doors and windows must be opened to allow the old year to go out and the new energies in .

These are just the most important once and basic things you can do. There are more things you could practice . If you want to know more consult Marites or buy her Fortune Forecast book available in Frigga and National Bookstores as well as her FengShui Almanac which can guide you on a day to day basis. Or download the Marites Allen Fengshui 2019 app that will be available soon on iOs and Google Play.


Good luck!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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