Things You Didn’t Know About Phuket, Thailand

Things You Didn’t Know About Phuket, Thailand

I was in Phuket, Thailand last December 2018 but I haven’t blogged about the trip yet. It’s just I don’t know how to talk about the experience without offending anyone or appearing to be judgemental of the people and the places I met and saw during my visit.  


I have this “essay” in my mind about the lonely old men flocking the Bangla Road.  They go there to feel less lonely spend their money and get a temporary companion to please them.   I saw this old man, sitting by himself  in an adjacent table next to us. He looked lonely. From time to time servers and girls would go to entertain him. It looks like he is a regular. One of my travel companions during the trip said,if I will be an old lonely man like him I would also do what he does, pay for a companion.  If I have the money and if I was that lonely or just choose to have different women every night because I can. But that is a sad life. Nobody really cared for you that way especially when your money runs out.

Anyway, Phuket is a part of Thailand I never thought of going until I got the invitation to go there and explore. Even if it is almost a two hours drive  away from the Phuket airport, I can’t believe how many European tourist flock the place. To think it was not even peak season.

How I wish we can do that here in the  Philippines. I admire how clean and safe I felt while there.  We mostly walked from our hotel to the beach and to the Bangla Road.  The red light district that’s even wilder than you can imagine was very open and safe. Even if there was entertainment and pleasure business going on it was pure fun. Pick your own poison it’s all legal there. Police are visible. You can watch my Bangla Road vlog on my YouTube Channel and catch a glimpse of the place. Surprisingly I don’t remember smelling pot the entire stretch of the Bangla Road compared to the streets of  Las Vegas (which is a different story to tell).

In Phuket, We walked early in the morning and late at night and it was all safe.  Food is cheap at the right places , the places that are not a tourist trap. Thai massage and foot spa is also cheap.

Their beach , Patong Beach in Phuket  was not really impressive. It’s very ordinary , there are far more better beaches here  in the Philippines , but the difference was it was very clean and organized. Beach beds with umbrella and floaters rentals are organized and not scattered all Niger the place. It looks like “vendors” have organizations to keep everything in order. Aside being very clean there are a lot of tourist ,mostly Europeans some are topless even.  

We went to several tourist spots , some farms of products they’re proud of in the region. But one of my favorite stops we did was the Temple where a relic of Buddah was kept.  Wat Chalong temple is the largest and most revered temple in #Phuket. The temple complex was built in its current location in 1837. That’s what made is special for me.

Honestly, If you’ve seen a buddhist temple you’ve seen them all.  Especially in my experience when I joined that Mekong River Familiarization tour. We did a Temple run kinda of thing visiting almost every temple from Thailand to Cambodia because we were cross-country cross-boardering. We’ve been to so many temples that we were like tired of it although if you look really closely most of them have very intricate nice details that are different from the other. The craftsmanship is admirable.

Normally, tourist in Thailand would have the an elephant in their bucket list. But not on my list . I did not ride an elephant but I did fed and played with baby elephant.  It was one of my favorite parts of our trip. I got a smooch from an elephant and it was so fun! I wouldn’t want to ride any of them because of all the bad things I’ve red about riding one.  It would have been an experience but it would also be in my conscience . I would rather feed , bathe , and play than slave drive one.

Places we explored in Phuket, Thailand:

  • Patong Beach
  • Bangla Road
  • Big Buddah
  • Wat Chalong
  • Phomtep Cape
  • Animal Refuge Center to Feed Baby Elephant
  • A couple of farms (cashew,coffee and honey farms) 

Obviously, I didn’t take note that much. Watch the video to see why I can’t write so much about this trip.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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