Say It With Sweet Heart Red Ribbon Valentine Black Forest Cake and Paulo Avelino

Cakes are a big part of any special celebration, I guess because it symbolizes indulgence of a sweet thing .  Just like Valentine’s day when all mush is out and you can’t help but feel kilig (if not the opposite).

But then why feel the opposite when love is all around us. It’s not just with one particular person but with your family, friends , colleagues strangers and even food!

The Red Ribbon Valentine Black Forest is one big sweet indulgence we can have with ourselves, friends, family or your special someone.  It’s still the same rich chocolate fudge cake we all love but shapes like a heart with cherries on top!

Red Ribbon Valentine Black Forest Cake

We we’re treated to a scrumptious sit in dinner date at the Prime 22 in Discovery Suites Ortigas recently to reveal the latest Red Ribbon endorser Paulo Avelino.  Being one of the most sought of male actors in the country I think a lot of girls out there will be kilig to watch his latest TVC for Red Ribbon directed by Yam Laranas.

Red Ribbon Valentine Black Forest Cake

Aside from the heart shaped Black Forest Cake there are a lot of delectable cakes to choose from all with the same amount of mouth watering sweetness to indulge on with your loved ones. And they come in a special Vday box too!

Red Ribbon Valentine Black Forest Cake

You know where to get them at Red Ribbon Bakeshop of course!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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