Pyoor Essentials 24K Gold Jelly Mask and Bar Soap Review + the Pyoor 24K Gold Set

I’m a face mask addict. I use face mask all the time, everyday if possible. When Pyoor Spa invited me over to try out their Pyoor Essentials products, I did not hesitate , especially when I read they want us to try their 24K Gold Jelly Mask and Bar Soap.

I don’t know if it’s a far or not but 24k Gold products is gaining traction especially on beauty and skin care. I have tried a gold color masks but I have never tried actual gold on my products.

Unfortunately, I was not able to have the treatment done at the spa coz i had to run off immediately for another commitment. So they just let me take home the Pyoor 24K Jelly Mask and Bar Soap to try out on my own at home.

Product Info

Pyoor 24K Gold Jelly Mask
Active ingredients includes Amazonian clay, grapeseed oil, bio enzyme plus powder, vitamin c powder and 24k gold powder.

Pyoor 24k gold jelly masks review

Pyoor 24K Gold Bar Soap
Active ingredients are a soap base vegetable glycerin, Vitamin C, wheat germ (triticum vulgare),marine collagen peptide, 24k Gold powder, licorice, gooseberry, amla, soy peptites and sage essential oil.

Pyoor claims all formulations are Cruelty Free and does not contain paraben, polymers,sulphates, sles, glute , phthalate, bleach, artificial colors and fragrance. They guarantee that all ingredients they use are plant derived, Vegan and formulated with Botanicals that have been harvested locally and from all over the world where Organic gardening and sustainability leads the industry.

On my face

Pyoor 24k gold jelly masks review

Pyoor 24k gold jelly masks review

Pyoor 24k gold jelly masks review

Pyoor 24k gold jelly masks review

What I think of it?

About the Pyoor 24K Gold Jelly Mask. Because I tried it at home my first time was a fail I think. I just dipped my wet fingers on the powder. Yes it’s powder inside the packet. And applied it on my face. Ooops.

Pyoor 24k gold jelly masks review
Second time I tried was way much better. And I think I did it right. I put the powder in a shallow container and mixed it with a little water. I did put too much water I think so I have to apply it on my face several times until I get the right consistency of a jelly on my face.

Pyoor 24k gold jelly masks review

They said you can soak the mask on your face for 30 mins minimum to 2 hours max. I did the 2 hours and was happy by the result.

My face look really soft and smooth and I got back my Glow.

Pyoor 24k gold jelly masks review

You may try the treatment with professional facial and cleaning at Pyoor Essentials Spa moreminfo on theirĀ  Facebook page :

They’ve also launched the Pyoor Essentials Gold Set in Dubai so you can buy the entire skin care set and have that gold glow skin you want.

Stay gorgeous everyone