Must-Visit Beaches For Your Thai Summer Adventure

Must-Visit Beaches For Your Thai Summer Adventure

The search is on for the picture-perfect summer destination and if you plan to get your much-needed dose of sun, wind, and waves in some tropical paradise overseas, there’s always a beach or island in Thailand for the next adventure you plan to take.

Aside from its cultural and historical landmarks, its rich cuisine, and its sweeping landscapes, the coastline of Thailand is also home to some of the world’s most pristine and serene beaches, where you can find prolonged moments of solitude or even extended hours of party and play.

So if you’re thinking of having a summer to remember in the Land of Smiles, here are a few islands and beaches for you to consider:

Railay Beach

This isolated peninsula in Krabi Province is surrounded by tall limestone cliffs, so you can only get here through a boat ride. One of the must-try activities for you here is the Four Islands Tour, where you can make snorkeling stops or simply bask on the beaches. Railay Beach is also considered a rock climber’s paradise so if you’re looking for a sudden rush of adrenaline, you can try deep water soloing, where a misstep or a missed grasp can take you to a plunge into the sea below.

Phuket Island

At the largest island in Thailand, you can choose from more than 30 beaches that would suit your planned summer adventure. At Patong, you can relish the pristine white sand beach by day. At sundown, you can enjoy the bustling nightlife in restaurants, beer bars, and night clubs. Should you prefer time away from crowds, the desert island feel of Freedom Beach, which only has one restaurant and none of the typical water activities in other beaches, could provide the escape you need.

Phuket beaches in Thailand

Hua Hin

Situated in the western side of the Gulf of Thailand two hours away from Bangkok, Hua Hin is a hub for an immersive and authentic Thai experience since it primarily caters to Thai travelers from the capital. At Hua Hin, you can have a taste of 100 percent authentic Thai cuisine in one of the over-water restaurants. It is also home to the top kite surfing beach in Thailand. Along the beaches, there are several schools to help you get started on conquering the waves through kite surfing.

Beaches in Thailand

Coral Island

If a snorkeling or scuba diving adventure is what you seek, this serene island located three kilometers of Phuket is one of the best places to be in since it is home to an impressive coral reef. You can also get on canoe or banana boat rides if you don’t feel like going underwater. If you want to feel a bit artsy, this island offers batik classes, where you will learn traditional ways of putting designs on fabrics.

Beaches in Thailand


A clutter-free destination just a few hours away from Bangkok, Cha-Am gives you the tranquil atmosphere for a sunrise stroll or a Thai massage under a parasol. Cha-Am’s long and serene coastline creates a picture-perfect backdrop for a wide range of activities you can try such as pony rides, banana boat rides, waterskiing, windsurfing, and parasailing.

Koh Lanta

Travel publication Conde Nast traveler identified Koh Lanta, which is actually made of little islands, as the “Best Island in Thailand: for when you can’t make up your mind.” Whether you’re travelling solo,  with family, or a group of friends, there is always something for you to try: you can hop at beach bars, explore world-class diving sites, do kayaking at a mangrove forest, and feast on seafood tom yum with locals.

Beaches in Thailand

If you’re already planning your itinerary, Thailand’s beaches are sure to give you a feast for the senses and your very own #THAImazing story. And if you’re capturing stills of your adventures there, you can always be sure that Thailand’s sunsets or daybreaks from these beaches will add more color to your memories.

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