4-Step Anti-Aging Skincare Routine Using Eau Thermale Avène PhysioLift Anti-Aging Line

At my age, I am totally obsessed with anti-aging.  When I heard that Avène has come up with a new formulation and an entire line that targets this concern, I was quick to say yes and also excited to try the product myself.
Last April, Eau Thermale Avène PhysioLift Anti-Aging Line was introduced to us by Gregory Daures Pierre Fabre’s International Development Marketing Manager for Anti-Aging who flew all the way from France.
Avène PhysioLift
The Avène PhysioLift Anti-Aging Line promise to plump, hydrate, detoxify, regenerate and firm the skin in 4 easy and effective skincare routine.  This is because of the new formulation they have in the PhysioLift line which is the Ascofilline™ 10kDa – which helps replenish collagen in the dermis up to 80%. Mixed with the Hyaluronic Acid Mono Oligomers 120kda -a small amount to penetrate into the skin deeper, and Pre-Tocopheryl that helps protect the skin from oxidative stress.
So,what is the 4-Step Anti-Aging Skincare routine with Avène PhysioLift Anti-Aging Line ?

Step 1:. Daytime

Use the Avène PhysioLift  Day Emulsion(Php2600)
Avène PhysioLift
The new formation which is lightweight and airy makes this product perfect for the Philippines weather.  It has a little  bit of tint but it blends on the skin. Because of  it’s formulation, you can use it as base for your makeup!  One of the key ingredients also included here aside from Ascofilline is Retinaldehyde that helps detoxify and regenerate skin.

Step 2,3, & 4 :. Nighttime

Step 2: Face
First use the  Avène PhysioLift Night Lotion (Php2600).
Avène PhysioLift
This comes in an emollient balm-like texture. It’s meant to be massaged on, so the texture is thicker so it doesn’t dry out while massaging. The thick texture is made to deeply penetrate the skin and hydrate and repair the skin from all the damages it got during the day.
Avène PhysioLift
Massage the product with a  bit of pinching on your face as well to activate the blood on your face. Plus using this product with the right massaging technique will help tighten loose double chins and skin sagging!

Step 3: Eyes

Avène PhysioLift
The eyes are the windows to your soul and even your age because of those wrinkles around it especially crows feet and deep lines.  Use Avène PhysioLift Eye Cream (Php2500). This  potent eye cream is fragrance free and very dense in texture that doesn’t quickly dry out quickly. It claims  to be able to  reduce up to 52.8% of dark circles and 14.7% of puffiness around the eye area.

Step 4:  Very Deep Wrinkles

If you have deep smile lines and frown lines on your forehead  Avène PhysioLift Precision Wrinkle Filler (Php2750) is the answer!

Avène PhysioLift


This precision pen will work wonders for any specific trouble area you wish to treat. The texture is thicks foam formula to make sure it will stay on  throughout the night and fill those wrinkles back to smoothness.

I know my face is not that wrinkly yet, and I do hope I don’t get to that very wrinkly point.  That’s why I am using alot of anti-aging products now.  Actually it is better to invest in your anti-aging products in your mid-30s before it even happens.  But if below 20 and 20 up the best anti-aging and skin care products you should use is moisturizer and sunblock/sunscreen.  Plus drink plenty of water!
To know more about  Avène PhysioLift visit their website at www.eauthermale-avene.ph

Stay gorgeous everyone!