First Ever Nestle Ready-to-Drink Subscription Service + How to Upcycle Your RTD Carton Boxes

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First Ever Nestle Ready-to-Drink Subscription Service + How to Upcycle Your RTD Carton Boxes

I am ecstatic to tell you all that you can have your family’s favorite Ready-to-Drink from Nestle delivered straight to your home. Plus have more opportunity to take part into reducing waste and encourage upcycling and sustainability., is a distributor of Nestle products, now introduces their monthly ready-to-drink subscription service plan. The plan includes shipping right into your homes monthly your favorite Nestle RTD like  CHUCKIE, Milo Ready-to-Drink, Bear Brand Yogu , Nestle Fresh Milk, Nestle Low Fat Milk, and Nestle Non-Fat Milk .

Ready-to-Drink Subscription Service #baonmadesustainable

Subscription packages price range from Php629.00 to Php1,239 a month containing either 24 pcs snack size carton drink boxes  of the RTD baon of your choice to 12 pcs 1 liter carton box.  You can pick your own packages at the website.

This saves you a lot of heavy load on your grocery shopping day !

One thing I was also excited about was the sustainability of these NESTLE beverage boxes.

You can return the boxes at any Nestle RTD sites or at to be upcycled.  The RTD boxes are actually manufactured by Tetra Pak Philippines and they are also the ones who can upcyle these materials into useful items like corrugated boards ,  plywood sheets but stronger, notebook, boxes and my other items!

“Through this subscription service, families also now have the option of returning their empty drink cartons for recycling whenever their monthly order is delivered to them; this starts on their 2nd month of subscription. The empty drink cartons collected will be brought to a recycling facility wherein the paper pulp extracted from cartons can be turned into paper-based products such as notebooks, wrapping paper, etc. while polymers and aluminium can be combined to become roofing sheets,” said Diane Ibay-Raza, Environment Manager, Tetra Pak Philippines.

Ready-to-Drink Subscription Service #baonmadesustainable

To get your RTD  carton box upcycled simply wash the box and make sure it’s free from residue. Flatten it out and insert the straw. Viola! Ready to be upcycled! Every part of the RTD box including the straw can be upcycled!

Ready-to-Drink Subscription Service#baonmadesustainable #baonmadeeasy Ready-to-Drink Subscription Service #baonmadesustainable

Aside from helping the environment and lessening your shopping load, having nutritious drinks ready available at your home, subscribers can also get freebies, gifts and deals!

Visit to start your subscription!

Let me know if you tried the service!

Ready-to-Drink Subscription Service #baonmadesustainable

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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