#OneGinebraNation: My Personal Testament to 185 Years of Ginebra San Miguel + World Gin Day 2019

First off, let me give a disclaimer, I don’t promote alcoholism , it is ok to drink but drink responsibly meaning drink to have a good time and not be the cause of bad time for everyone else. Ok?




Drinking has been a part of our culture, it’s part of celebration and good times among friends and family.  In the Philippines, Ginebra San Miguel, the only homegrown gin brand has been with us for 185 years!  That’s even longer than the declaration of the Philippine Independence !

To be accurate with my history the country declared independence in June 12, 1898 in Kawit Cavite.  Ginebra San Miguel started it’s distillery on March 10, 1834. In Quiapo Manila !

#OneGinebraNation 2019 World Gin Day 2019

Happy Philippine Independence Day!


Another interesting trivia about Ginebra San Miguel is that the logo/ drawing on the Gin Bilog  ( and later the kwatro kantos bottles) we all know was painted by our First National Artist Fernando Amorsolo !  Who knew you had a precious art piece in your homes all the while!

Ginebra San Miguel 185 Years


My Testament to  185 Years of Ginebra


I am not 185 years old but  I have my own #OneGinebraNation story. It dates back to my childhood, maybe 4 or 5 years old.  Growing up as a mischievous child, I like hanging out with my dad.  I like watching him do carpentry stuff or gardening.  One day, after a tiring day following him around I got thirsty and drank a glass of ice cold Ginebra San Miguel ! 🤪😱   I thought it was water !  😳.   Since then I knew better, the round bottle with an angel and devil painting is not water ! 😅🤣😂


As I said I liked hanging out with Dad.  One day while going through old phographs of the family, I saw a black and white photo of guy wearing short shorts with my dad.  He said his name is Rorbert Jaworski a great basketball player and even a bowling enthusiast my dad played with a lot.

Since then I remember Jaworski or Jawo or #7 of Ginebra team of the PBA each time dad and bro watch a basketball match on TV !

Fast forward to today, I was invited to the World Gin Day and  One Ginebra Nation Tour 2019 launch I didn’t know who would be there all I know is their ambassadors will be there.   Good thing I went because I just felt so happy and reconnected with my father when I saw Jaworski.

He will always be Jaworski even if he already became a senator.  The living legend of Philippine Basketball was just across my table!   I just have to have a photo with him even just a photo!

I went to him and we had more than just a photograph.  We talked for a bit and he said he was happy to see me and what I told him made him feel energized.  I told him my above story about how I knew h and how dad was a fan.

#OneGinebraNation 2019 jaworski #OneGinebraNation 2019 jaworski #OneGinebraNation 2019 jaworski


Happy Father’s Day !


So this is actually an advanced Happy Father’s Day to my father who is now up in the universe watching over us.  I bet he saw this.  I felt his presence.  Ok I feel like crying happy tears.  Thanks Marcus for taking a lot of candid shots and even a video !


#OneGinebraNation 2019 World Gin Day 2019

Anyway, 185 years is no joke.  I am sure all of you has a story or two about gin Bilog Ginebra San Miguel.   I bet you had those secret juice gin pomelo in your Coleman in highschool , right?


World Gin Day 2019


The World Gin Day 2019 was held at Seda Vertis North in Quezon City with their brand ambassadors  Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, Sue Ramirez, Alex Calleja joined by world class mixologist making drink mixers for everyone .

#OneGinebraNation 2019 World Gin Day 2019

Everyone enjoyed overflowing gin and gin cocktails and food from Luzon,Visayas and Mindanao.

#OneGinebraNation 2019 World Gin Day 2019

This kind of party and events can be enjoyed by all gin lovers in the country by visiting www.oneginebranation.com website.  There you can get details of upcoming #OneGinebraNation 2019 tour dates and venues including the appearance of the One Ginebra Nation Truck.

What’s your Ginebra San Miguel story?  I want to read about it!  Share below the comment section? 


Stay gorgeous everyone!