What’s the Open to the New Shades of Thailand Tourism Is

Open to the New Shades Thailand

I’ve visited  two regions of Thailand , Nan and Phuket. You can consider three if landing in Bangkok airport a couple of times count . Anyway,  Nan and Phuket showed me the opposite sides of Thailand and how diverse this country is.  It also showed me how they may be similar to the Philippines but they are managed way too better when it comes to tourism.  I have never seen such an amount of European tourist in a tourist spot during an off-season than in Phuket Thailand.  How do they do it?  Maybe because they’re just an accepting and more open when it comes to the LGBTQ+ community?

Just recently, Tourism Authority Thailand launched their Open to the New Shades tourism campaign in the Philippines to encourage more Filipinos to visit Thailand.  Last year, there was about 500,000 Filipino travelers who visit their country and they’re hoping for more to visit them.

At the event they showed the different “shades” of Thailand by giving us a taste of their fashion, food, sports (Muay Thai), art and entertainment (dance and theater puppeteer) with Thai Superstsr  Ussaya Spebund at the frontlines.

Visit Tourism Authority Thailand website www.tourosmthailand.org to know more details of the campaign and the things you can do when you visit Thailand.

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