The Lion King live-animation

The Lion King 2019 Movie Review – His and Her Opinion

We were at the advanced screening of theh highly anticipated live-action remake of the classic 1994 Disney animation film The Lion King the SM MOA IMAX Cinema and here’s what we think of it.

The Lion King live-animation

What Marcus Thinks of It? His POV

Everyone knows the story of the Disney’s Lion King. I know it better than most because I was working in a movie theater when it was released…and it was one of the longest running theatrical films in history. I know the story and the songs. So does the new one bring something else to the audience. Yes, it does. If I wasn’t aware of the technology behind this movie, I would have sworn they trained animals to do all the actions we saw. It was so realistic to see these animals moving like animals, looking like animals with all their beautiful imperfections. The artists were able to capture some sort of realism that, in itself, makes this movie worth watching. Add that to the new voices and new jokes, it’s a pleasure to watch. If you’re a fan of the first movie, see this one. If you’re a fan of nature, see this movie. Just play it safe and see this movie.

The Lion King live-animation

What Earth thinks of it? Her POV

Honestly there’s nothing to spoil.about this live-animation remake . Everyone from child to adult has seen the cartoon movie released in 1994 . Parents like me have shown it to their kids and the parents have seen the movie more than a dozen time I bet and the story did not change for this one.

What was remarkable about the live-animation was the life like images of the animals.  If I didn’t know it was just digitally created I would have said people from Animal Planet and National Geographic has teamed up to shoot this entire film. Everything was life like! Even much more real while watching it in 3D IMAX.

The songs are the same. I love Timone and Pumba!

My favorite scene was more magical than ever when all the animals gathered to pay respect to the baby Simba and then at the end Simba’s cub!

Watch it, you will enjoy it. It’s like a  trip to Safari but better!

The Lion King live-animation

The Lion King will be showing in cinemas starting July 17,2019.  It  is best to watch it in SM Cinema 3D IMAX but it is also available in 2D at all SM Cinemas.