Hada Labo , Asia’s Cult Favorite Skincare Brand now in the Philippines

Hada Labo Philippines
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Hada Labo , Asia’s Cult Favorite Skincare Brand now in the Philippines

There are so many skincare brands that makes a lot of waves in neighboring countries in Asia that cannot be found here in the Philippines yet.  So,  When I went to Taiwan almost two years ago, I did a beauty store run. One of the beauty stores I went to was the  Japan Medical and Hada Labo was all over the place.  When I did my googling I found out that it’s one of Aisa’s cult favorite and has been around Asia for 12 years now.

Fast forward to today!  Finally it reached the Philippines shores as it formally launched it’s availability here in the Philippines.  Hada Labo will be available in Watsons stores Nationwide.

The first few products they brought in the country was the Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion.  It’s one of the most loved product in their brand as it is bursting with Hyaluronic Acid that is known to hold moisture and penetrate to the deep level to keep skin hydrated. It helps keep and build collagen , repairs skin tissue and protect skin from drying!

To show it’s efficacy they did a demo of how Hyaluronic Acid (HA) can hold water up to the tiniest level Nano Level HA.


Anyway, I will do a 7 day challenge and vlog this journey.  Let’s see how the basic does for me.  I am very much into hydrating products as skin gets very very dry when you get older especially when you reach my age.

Hada Labo Philippines

Hada Labo is now available at all Watsons stores in the country.  First few products available is their hydrating line which has the Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion, Hada Labo Hydrating Face Wash and Hada Labo Hydrating Light Cream.

More products from Hada Labo will be released soon so watch out for it.

Meanwhile, I had fun at the launch as I was with my favorite people.

Hada Labo Philippines Hada Labo Philippines Hada Labo Philippines Hada Labo Philippines

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