Why Should You Visit Porcelain Stall at the Singaporoum

Porcelain Skin at Singaporium

One of the pop-up stalls that draw me in at the Singaporium happening at the Podium was Porcelain Skin aka Porcelain. Being a skincare fanatic I check out anything that can help me make my skin look radiant as possible (anti-aging/ anti-wrinkles).

Pauline Ng Porcelain Skin at Singaporium

During the third day of Singaporium , I was invited for a luncheon Pauline Ng, the Founder and Managing Director of Porcelain, which is nominated to be part of Tatler’s Best of Singapore 2020. She shared to us how these elegantly packaged skincare products work and .

Since I knew the brand from day 1 of Singaporium, I actually have a favorite product from them which is the Skin Refiner!  It’s such an amazing gentle peeling product without the microbeads or any harsh and abrasive particles in it.

Here’s how it look like and how fast you can see the peeling effect.

Porcelain Skin at Singaporium Porcelain Skin at Singaporium Porcelain Skin at Singaporium

Product is unscented and translucent so you can see how gentle and pure it is.

I was also able to finally get a Skin Analysis to discover what my skin is really like from within.

Porcelain Skin at Singaporium

Honestly, I’ve been neglecting my skin for the past months, I have not been doing my nightly ritual as often as I should and because of that my Skin Analysis found out my skin is getting dry and that my skin age is 42 !  A year older than I really am (well just a few months).

Porcelain Skin at Singaporium

She said it’s not that bad the analysis can be a bit wrong because I have makeup on.  She said I look way you get than my age.  But albeit that I still need to be rigid about my skin care routine again!

After the test , they gave me a customized and bespoke skincare regimen that would help me achieve healthy, radiant skin from within. I will make a separate vlog review about it.

With that said,please drop by at Porcelain at the Singaporium,they are located on the first level near the escalator and the Singaporium signage. They will only be here until September 15,2019.    This brand can’t be found anywhere else in the Philippines so grab your chance to see them now or wait until we don’t know when, or go to Singapore to buy them!

Porcelain Skin at Singaporium

You can also get your skin analyzed with a complimentary Skin Discovery (valued at Php 2400) and a following Smart Consultation. Plus there’s a mini 4-Step experience Kit that you can get for FREE! Yay! The Radiance #FromWithin kit is available exclusively at Singaporium and comes with three complimentary pieces of Hydrocare Bio-Cellulose Masks. The entire kit and complimentary masks are valued at Php 14,190 but will be available at Singaporium for only Php 10,200.

Porcelain Skin at Singaporium

To know more about the brand visit their Instagram page @PorcelainSkinOfficial.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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