Drop the Prefix Advocacy

Drop the Prefix Advocacy — South Star Drug Showcasing Art and Abilities of PWDs

As a mom of a child with autism, whom will be an adult in a few months,  my concern always will be is finding a place where she will be accepted , cared for and love as she is.  I have a lot of ugly thoughts in my head, especially  about how cruel people can be.  The thoughts on what  will happens to my innocent child when I’m gone , is my Achilles heels.

Today, I met my tribe.  People who love and care for differently abled people.  They are people who give opportunities for a livelihood and friendship for them and calls out for the campaign to Drop the Prefix and focus on their abilities.

Drop the Prefix Advocacy  is a campaign launched by South Star Drug in cooperation with the Project Inclusion Network (PIN) to stress that they can be functioning members of the society.

If you are still clueless, the prefix is the dis in disability, as they are they’rea as PWDs or persons with disability.  It’s not generally true for most of them, they are not disabled but differently abled.  They can all be a productive member of the society with proper guidance and support by the majority.

While the society has been a bit more aware a a little bit more open and kinda but not really inclusive to PWDs , there’s still a lot of push and help needed for more inclusivity .

Ms. Christine Tuerres the GM of South Star Drug says they have been working with  PIN for awhile now and have been employing in their company PWDs. To date , they have 23 PWD employees deployed in the company.. “Our  tagline “We care a little more” strengthens our vision of inclusion.”
“We are launching the  Drop the Prefix campaign , not just to raise awareness about PWDs but more importantly, to raise more funds to sponsor the training and development of PWDs who have shown potential in arts.”
With that said ,  Drop the Advocacy bags will be for sale in select South Star Drug Nationwide starting October 15,2019 . What’s special in the bags are the artworks featured on it are hand painted by PWDs trained by PIN and will be sold for Php65 each .
Drop the Prefix Advocacy
Grant Javier of Project Inclusion Network (PIN) said “We want to maximize the persons with disability since we started in 2013. We employed one person back then, but now we have 800+ in all industries made possible with our partner organizations who made this all happen. This is for the improvement of their quality of life, we can always do more. Not to only participate, but to thrive. Now they can showcase their talents, and make a living. We hope this change mindsets and industries so they can pursue their dreams. We hope they have access and showcase the talents of people with disabilities, where everyone is valued and appreciated. We need more businesses to partner with us in more ways so we can provide more opportunities. We also need to have more people to come out and show their abilities. We believe that they can, it’s about everyone making ripples of change throughout the country!”
Drop the Prefix Advocacy Drop the Prefix Advocacy