Styling Tips that make Women Look Slimmer

A great outfit is one that makes you feel hot and boosts your confidence. It makes your day when someone compliments you for your dress and women just love compliments. Women always want to look slim no matter what they wear.

But it is not always that you are able to pick that right piece out of your closet that makes you feel comfortable and confident. This is where styling tips come in. With a little bit of effort and attention to detail, you can achieve that slim look you have been wanting. Here is how you can do it :


Define your natural waist

An easy trick to look slim is to draw attention to your natural waist. This works wonders because this part of the waist is where you are thinnest.

For this, one should consider wearing clothes that have belts, stitches, patterns at natural waist so that eyes are drawn to the waist which helps in making you look slimmer.


Say yes to shapewear

You must have heard a lot from your girl friends about how shapewear has been a blessing for them but you could never convince yourself to buy one as you just don’t feel comfortable. Here is the thing, they really make you look slim.

Shapewear may be in the form of shirts, shorts or bodysuits. These can be used to tame fat around hips, midriff and thigh region. These pull in your stomach, define waist and slim the thighs.


Invest in high-rise jeans

You may have a large belly and muffin top that you had been wanting to hide for long. Are you confused about how to wear jeans that make you look slimmer? High-rise jeans can help you do just that.

The right jeans to choose is a slightly high-rise, slim fit jeans that ends just above your ankle. Wearing a high-rise jeans elongates your lower body and makes you look leaner. Make sure that you make the elevated waist visible by pairing it up with a crop top, t-shirt, or a short blouse.


Wear colours and patterns that make you look slim

There are many colours and patterns that make you look slim. One of the most popular colours used by women to disguise their fat is black but did you know, you can also wear other dark colours like green, navy blue, oxblood for that slim look. A monochrome look can also work well.

There are several patterns that create an illusion of making you look thinner. Wearing vertical stripes does just the same. Avoid wearing horizontal stripes or big patterns as they can make you look big.


Use accessories to distract

Wear trendy accessories that are stylish and compliment your look. Accessories are a great way of taking the attention away from the parts of your body that you are uncomfortable about. Bold and large accessories can control how a person’s eyes move around your body, creating an illusion that makes you look slimmer.

Wear a headband, watch, necklace ( or Moonstone Jewelry by Moon Magic ), scarf, earrings or bandana that is flattering, and you have done the trick. Long necklaces, for example, make you look tall and slim.


Choosing the right innerwear

Did you know that around 80% of women wear the wrong of their bra. Many women would agree that when it comes to buying the right bra, they are left dazzled.

Wearing a large bra can make your breasts sag and in turn make you look fat. To look leaner, there should be proper space between your chest and waist. Wear a bra that gives you full coverage and no bulges.

There is nothing more important than feeling comfortable and confident in your clothes. These hacks can help you save a huge amount of time that you spend in front of the wardrobe, deciding what to wear.