Healthy Dishes that are perfect for Noche Buena

Just recently I posted on my Facebook asking people their plans for Christmas and New Year.  Yes, as early as now I am planning my Holidays thing.

I want to plan so I know what food to prepare and how many to prepare for.  I hate spoiled food.

Overindulgence in food is an inevitable part of this year’s festive season, but an official of the Department of Health (DOH) has reminded the public to prepare and eat healthy food. Undersecretary and Public Health Service Team Officer-In-Charge Myrna Cabotaje said most Filipino families serve unhealthy food during the holidays, which could cause high blood pressure and diabetes.

It is recommended that families prepare healthy foods during the holiday season opting for more greens than meats, but getting kids to eat vegetables in place of meat dishes during Noche Buena can be challenging.

To help moms plan their Christmas dinners to be more healthy for their kids, BEKO, Europe’s leading brand of home appliances, recommends some delicious dishes that promise to not only brighten the Christmas table but make it a lot more healthy as well.

Beko refrigerator holidays


Broccoli crust pizza

This veggie-based Italian-inspired dish made of broccoli, cheese, pizza sauce, and eggs make a delicious Christmas meal that kids will surely enjoy and love.


Pesto salad with chicken

Because no Christmas table will be complete without a pasta dish, this pesto-based pasta salad with chicken, edamame beans will be a hit for both adults and kids alike.


Baked salmon, potato, and zucchini

Fish is always a healthy choice because it is rich in omega 3, so this salmon, potato, and zucchini casserole is sure to be both filling yet light and easy on the waistline.


Cottage pie

If your family wants something a little more filling, this pie made of minced beef or steak meat, garlic, red onions, leek, carrots, celery, sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil, cauliflower, potatoes and baked to perfection is sure to satisfy.


Get the right appliances

Getting the right appliances is also a practice of promoting good health. It provides the benefits of lasting freshness in storing foods and ingredients and keeps its nutrients intact for a tasteful and nourishing savory.

For instance, Beko’s GN163123P side-by-side is packed with innovative features, such as the NeoFrostTM Dual Cooling technology that maintains ideal airflow and optimal temperatures with a high level of humidity, so food stays fresher for longer with no frost building up and no odor transferring. It also has the Active Fresh Blue LightTM technology that allows continuous photosynthesis in the crisper, therefore, retaining natural flavors of fruits and vegetables, as well as its nutrients such as vitamin C.

Beko’s GN163123P is also equipped with the longlasting IonGuardTM that neutralizes bacteria, viruses, and particles in the refrigerator using negative ions, allowing air inside to circulate and stay clean, so, contamination will not occur and food can be stored twice longer. It also has a Led Illumination that provides full lighting all-throughout the fridge for clear and worry-free finding.

Beko freezer

And with the Beko ProSmartTM Inverter Compressor, the fridge is four times quieter, more durable, and energy-efficient as the technology adapts to temperature variations to provide faster cooling with less energy.

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