My shopping box Philippines review

My Shopping Box Review Philippines — Get Item Bought in US or Europe Shipped Door-to-Door


Exactly 16 days including holidays and weekends, the items Marcus bought from the US was shipped to us in perfect condition straight at my door.


We used My Shopping Box, offers a service that allows you to checkout from online stores abroad by giving you personalized US and Europe shopping addresses and delivering your packages straight to your doorstep in the Philippines. They cater to different shopping categories such as fashion, sports, home and living, kids, books, gadgets, and many more.

Those who love to shop online or even those who send packages to relatives from abroad know how hard it is to find a reliable courier service that ships door-to-door and doesn’t charge ridiculously high.

Luckily we were approached by My Shopping box to try out their service. It was a perfect timing actually since Marcus was itching to buy his stuff from the US but dunno how he can get them without going through our notorious postal offices!

I opened a My Shopping Box account and they  loaded it up with a $100 credit so I can try their service myself.

How to use My Shopping Box?

As soon as you sign up you will be assigned a suite number in the US or Europe which will be your shipping address abroad that you can use in any of the shipping sites  like eBay, Amazon, Mac Cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, IKEA etc.  This address is your US or UK address where your items will be shipped.  You will get notified once an item is received .

My Shopping Box review Philippines

From there you can have it shipped to you here in the Philippines (if you are ready to send), you have an option of picking via air or via boat .

Here are the prices for each shipping option:

My Shopping Box shipping rate to Philippines

Delivery period varies, depending  on the shipping option you selected.  Via air freight regular takes about 14-16 days, the special air freight about 10+12 days, ship freight will take a bit longer almost a month or two.

We tried the regular air freight on one of the packages that was delivered in my US suite/ My Shopping Box address.

They also take photos of the package label and the contents of your package for safety and security reasons .  There are items you cannot ship here.  Plus the consolidate items in one box if you ship same time or got it on same shopping site.

My shopping box Philippines review

And as timely as I can imagine, in exactly 16 days, the package arrived right at my doorstep.  You will also get a text message from their rider if it’s a good time to deliver or if anyone available to receive your package.  As soon as it’s received you will get an email stating who received the package if you are not present when it arrived.

My Shopping Box review Philippines

What do I think of My Shopping Box?

Honestly I am impressed.  Delivery is on-time, customer service is responsive, and the rate is very reasonable compared to other courier services.

Do I recommend it?


If you have items you want from US or Europe that are not available here in the Philippines . Or if you are just loyal to a brand or want to make sure you are getting the same components as you are used to and not take (like with supplements Marcus take) then go for it!


You can #MyShoppingBox yourself.

Download My Shopping Box here and use my code MRULWNGK and get $2.50 welcome credit when you sign up.

Some likes to give gifts or open gifts on New Year’s Eve , so if you order now and have it shipped today via air freight it will get to you on time!