Wish to Live Long? Try These Few Pathways Today

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Wish to Live Long? Try These Few Pathways Today

When it comes to living long, many people think that genes are responsible for it. However, genes do play a role, but not as much as incipiently believed. And science has proved it.

Research has shown that numerous environmental factors like diet and lifestyle are the key to living long. No matter what your age is, you have the power to change many of the variables that influence how long you live. 

Making significant alterations to your lifestyle not only helps you to extend your life, but it also improves the quality of your life. So below are some of the approaches mentioned that can help you live longer, even up to your 100’s. 

Avoid Overeating

If you have a desire to live longer and spend your time peacefully, then you must definitely avoid overeating. In a study, it was found that people who leave their food when they are 80% full, generally persist for a longer time.

Apart from this, research has also shown that eating less helps to age slower. Through an analysis, scientists found that restricting calories reduces the production of the T3 hormone. A thyroid hormone that slows metabolism and speeds up the aging process.

Exercise Daily

Everyone knows this secret, but only a few people implement this in their lives. In a survey report, it was seen that people who exercise daily live about five to seven years longer than those who are inactive. 

Weight-bearing activities, such as jogging, and walking strengthens your bones. And another kind of exercise such as aerobics strengthens your heart. So try to keep your body active and at least give 15-20 minutes to exercise daily. 

Detox your body naturally

Detoxing the body in a natural healthy way can be your most desirable reset switch. It can address critical signs and possibly roll back your chance for illness underneath the way. 

Apart from this, there are several benefits of detoxification such as boosted energy level, healthy skin, better body shape, etc. Detoxifying the body regularly helps in boosting immunity, supports digestion, and helps in reducing weight. In simple words, detoxification is an integral component of optimal health and long life. 

Do not Smoke or Quit Smoking

There is no secret that smoking is injurious to health and may even lead to death. But even knowing this, people do not care at all.

In a survey report, it was seen that people who usually smoke die 10 years earlier. In the US, maximum deaths are caused due to smoking. Smoking leads to various diseases such as cancer and heart diseases, which in general is indirect death. 

Another study stated that people who discontinued smoking by the age of 35 may prolong their lives up to approximately 9 years. Also, it was reported that people who quit in their 60’s may add up to approximately 4 years to their life. 

Keep in mind, that quitting smoking can significantly increase your life, and it’s never too late to quit. So save your life and quit smoking now. Though, in the beginning, you may face some difficulty, but it’s your life and you have to fight for it. 

Get Enough Sleep

Having a night of good sleep is a healthy habit. It enhances cell function and heals the body faster. Also, it reduces inflammation and the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. 

So if you desire to live for a longer period of time then you must maintain a healthy sleeping schedule. Introduce up to 8-9 hours of proper sleep in that schedule. In a study, it was found that people who generally do not maintain their sleeping schedule and sleep for 4-5 hours die earlier. So get your schedule right and implement changes if you wish for a long life. 

Stop Taking Stress

Similar to anger, stress too gets its toll on your body and may actually decrease your lifetime. By working to overcome stress, you can enhance your well-being in the long-term, and the essence of life in the meantime.

Journaling or writing in a diary, meditating (a practice with multiple longevity benefits), including learning to rest are excellent ways to de-stress. So just give a few minutes of meditation to your body per day, and give your brain the mini-vacation from stress and anxiety. 

Indeed, life may seem ahead of your control, but multiple healthful habits may direct you to a ripe, old age. These incorporate the aforementioned pathways. So start following these pathways and put your life on the right track. 

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