These are difficult times .  All of us are trying hard to adjust to this new norm norm when everyone slows down and stays at home because we are on a lockdown.  The pros and the cons of living in the age of Corona Virus aka Covid-19 is rewiring all of us to take it slow, the cons is were so used at rushing everything like we’re on a race that this lifestyle is stressing us down.

One of the stresses a lot encounter right now is where to get and how to get their groceries.  Not all of us are well fueled to do grocery once a week , most Filipinos make do with a daily stop at the grocery.

Personally a grocery stop everyday is one of our routine.  It’s  therapeutic for me and my daughter to walk down the isle of the grocery store . It’s exercise and it’s fun to see new items and kinda monitor the prices.

Now that this routine has been taken away from us, it makes us all kinda restless.

Groceries near our area are still open during the window period of 7am to 7pm, the problem is the lines are a mile long because of the social distancing being implemented. Only 100 people at a time can enter and shop and there’s a one meter per person distance.  Give and take you will have to spend 4 hours grocery shopping for a day supply. Which is not practical and safe during these times coz you will have longer exposure to people and things that might be carriers of the virus.

So how do you go grocery shopping during these times?  Here’s a list of groceries, restaurants and food supply stores you can order online or make a call.


• – Includes Robinsons Supermarket, S&R, Pet Express, Watsons, Family Mart, etc.
• Lazmart (inside the Lazada app) – grocery excluding fresh and frozen goods
• – Organic food – Produce, dairy/eggs, bread, drinks, baking goods, deli, etc.

• – Seafood, poultry
• – Meat and seafood
• – Meats
• Limon Farms – – Organic chicken, pork & eggs

Fresh  Options on FacebookFresh  Options on Facebook

• – Non-alcoholic drinks – Water (Wilkins, Viva), & other brands (Coke, Sprite, Royal, Minute Maid, Nutriboost, etc)
• – Alcohol, Mixers, some snacks

• The Murang Gulay Shop –
• Session Groceries (app)

Homegrown Organics you can view their products and order here

Kadiwa EXpress and Online Palengke



Anyway, for FOOD DELIVERY, this might help:

Delmo’s 87254090
Jollibee: #8-7000
McDonald’s: 8-6236
Burger King: #2-22-22
KFC: 8-887-8888
Chowking: #9-8888
Army Navy: 8-333-3131
Wendy’s: 8-533-3333
Pizza Hut: 8-911-1111
Shakey’s: 7777-7777
Yellow Cab: 8-789-9999
Greenwich: #5-55-55
Angel’s Pizza: 8-922-2222
Motorino’s Pizza: 8-810-1000
Papa John’s Pizza: 8-887-7272
Domino’s Pizza: 8-997-3030
Kenny Rogers Roasters: 8-555-9000
Max’s: 8888-9000
Mang Inasal: #7-3333
Bon Chon: 8-633-1818
Chooks-to-Go: 8-687-1010
Tapa King: 8888-8272
Amber: 8-884-8888
HK Little Kitchen: 7-7563950
North Park: 8-737-3737
Aristocrat: 8-894-0000
Kitaro Sushi: 8-911-1115
Yoshinoya: 8-288-2888
Juju Eats: 8-820-4663
Dunkin’: 8-988-7288
Goldilocks: 8888-1999
Red Ribbon: #8-7777
Conti’s: 8-580-8888
Cara Mia: 7-745-5593

If you know any other places to call.or order online please let us know at the comment section below!

Modes of payment could either be cash or pay using your bank cards.

Keep safe everyone!  We will get through this!