Thick and Youthful Hair Tips

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Thick and Youthful Hair Tips

I remember looking in the mirror in my late twenties and being shocked at how I’d never noticed the two slightly receding and slightly thinner patches of hair by my temples.

We all read shock-tactic online anti-aging tips that warn of “one day, you’ll realise you’re not getting any younger”, but we all think NAH NOT ME. We read the tips anyway, in a sort of fascinated way, because they feed into our curiosity about the struggles that other people face.

Believe me when I say, however, that if this pang of self-realisation about your diminishing youth hasn’t hit you yet, it will. And much like anyone who’s just been told something they don’t want to hear, you’ll be left asking “OK, so what do I do now?”.

Luckily, there are a couple of things you can do to start reclaiming those hairlines and boost the thickness of your thinning mop .

Spray it don’t just say it

Talking about thicker looking hair is easy. Watch. “I want thicker looking hair. My hair is thinning and I would like it to look thicker. Woe is me. I wish I had thicker looking hair starting today. Thick thick hair, that’s what I want.” But only talking about a problem without taking action is about as useful and proactive as trying to solve an algebra equation by baking cookies.

Want thicker hair? Start with a hair thickener spray that works with your hair’s natural oils and nourishes each strand from root to tip. You may try some products  to help hair health and growth.

Beware sprays that claim to be miracle cures and find your way towards grease-free thicker hair with a light daily spray designed to wash out and leave no nasty sticky residues.

Being kind to your hair on a daily basis is the best way to bring about thicker hair or you can try a hairpieces for men and women, rather than paying for one-off treatments that in all likelihood will only offer a partial solution and leave you paying for repeat procedures as you chase your dream.

Vital vitamins

Here are a few surprise facts that might make you think. The carbon that makes tree bark doesn’t come from the soil. It comes from the air. Weird, right? Just like the keratin that makes your hair doesn’t come from your hair follicles, it comes from the nutrients in your blood supply to the follicles.

Vitamin supplements to assist hair growth aren’t magic beans, they’re science, and if your diet is less than wholesome, you could benefit from these purpose-designed supplements.

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