Keep your family safe at home during the pandemic with the help of PayMaya

As quarantine measures start to relax, we still have to make sure that we are able to practice
social distancing measures for our safety and our family’s. This is why I’m still doing my best to
do most of my transactions online and limit the times I step out of our home. Luckily, I haven’t
encountered any problem since the lockdown began in March as I have ample access to my
everyday needs with the help of cashless payment, PayMaya.

PayMaya has been my consistent and most reliable partner since the lockdown. It has enabled
me to continue doing with my household management tasks while practicing social distancing
measures and reducing the risk caused by cash handling.

Here’s how you can do it too, with the help of PayMaya:

Here’s how to Use PayMaya to Keep You and Your Family Safe at Home during the Pandemic:

  • Ordering food/groceries online

You can use your PayMaya virtual card to pay for your online food delivery orders.  During the first month of the lockdown,I had the bad case of withdrawal syndrome from fast foods.  So, in order to satisfy my cravings I ordered food at  McDonald’s,  KFC and Baliwag Lechon online and I used my virtual card to pay for my purchases. Apart from this being safer than paying with cash, it’s also more convenient. All I have to do is wait for the delivery by the lobby because delivery people are not allowed to do door-to-door in our condo.How to Use PayMaya to Keep You and Your Family Safe at Home during the Pandemic

  • Paying bills and government dues while at home 

During the quarantine period, paying bills wasn’t a challenge as I can easily settle my utility bills and government dues with my PayMaya app. Within just a few clicks, my bills are paid and I no longer have to worry about accumulating bills once the quarantine is lifted. 



How to Use Paymaya to Keep You and Your Family Safe during the Pandemic

  • Sending money to loved ones with your smartphone

My house help has not gone home since the lockdown and the only means she can send money is through Smart Padala. I’m glad PayMaya can send to Smart Padala agents directly because with this, I was able to help her send money to her family in the province, without having to step out of our home. 

How to use PayMaya to keep You and Your Family Safe during the Pandemic

  • Go cashless when going outside

On the rare times I have to go out of our house, I always make sure to gear up with my face mask and alcohol in hand. For payments, I really don’t want to use cash and prefer the safer option via PayMaya QR or PayMaya physical card. I even get a cashback when I pay using PayMaya QR!

  • Add money to your account via Instapay or Smart Padala

To keep using my PayMaya account, of course, I have to add funds on it. I usually transfer from my bank account via Instapay. But if you don’t have a bank account or it is not on Instapay, you can also add money to your PayMaya via Smart Padala, so you don’t have to travel far.

If you don’t have PayMaya yet, this is the perfect time to create your account as cashless transactions will definitely be a part of the new normal.. Download it for free at To take full advantage of your account, check out

Keep safe and stay gorgeous everyone!