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This Independence Day celebration in the Philippines is totally different from the previous celebrations as everyone are restricted from public gathering because of  the Covid-19 Pandemic   However, there’s always a way to celebrate online, join friends, celebrities and advocates who have organized online concert or a watch party! The bestContinue Reading

Taiwan implements effective measures in containing the spread of Covid-19. No wonder, it has gained global recognition as one of the few countries that successfully control the continues threat of the Corona virus. Now that most countries ease down the quarantine, Taiwan has long been back to living the newContinue Reading

Online Bartering:. Trading what you Have for what you Need in a Post Apocalyptic World

Bartering is an exchange of goods without any cash involved. It is how people get what they want or need for things they already have but don’t use much or have abundance of. This is how our ancestors used to trade when money was not invented yet.  Online bartering is doing it online . Continue Reading