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3 Compelling Reasons to Choose a Stovetop Coffee Maker

I’ll begin with a confession: I’m not really a coffee-drinker. But before we began with social distancing and the whole lockdown, I do remember the way friends would politely decline a cup of coffee after tasting just one cup of my instant brew. It was kinda embarrassing. 

By now, I’m really looking forward to having company around again. By the time it’s safe to socialize, I’m hoping my buddies will have forgotten my coffee-making failures and be ready for a cup of coffee at my place. Let’s hope they forget my recent misadventure with Dalgona Coffee, which, being me, was really Dalgona Milo. 

With this in mind, I’ve been looking at coffee makers and I’ve been looking at what coffee drinkers really want. I’ve decided to get a stovetop coffee maker, also known as a Moka Pot, and I thought I’d share just why I’ve been convinced this is the best choice.


1. It Doesn’t Take up Much Space and it Still Makes Great Coffee

Kitchens quickly get cluttered with appliances. Even if I were a fan of coffee, I’d be reluctant to devote a goodly portion of my precious kitchen countertop space to yet another gadget. Turns out I don’t really need a gadget at all. Those stovetop coffee makers are really very compact, so if I get one, it will be easy to store away when I’m not using it. 

When I do, I’m expecting my coffee-loving friends to get dewy-eyed. Everyone I’ve spoken to assures me that it’s easy to make really good coffee using this simple-looking item. I might test it out on a circle of very close friends first just to make sure that I don’t mess up, but how hard can it be?


2. You Can Use it When You Don’t Have Electricity

Blackouts, brownouts, rolling power failures: by now, we know that electricity isn’t always available at the flick of a switch. Then there are picnics and camping trips to consider. But using a stovetop coffee maker means you can make fresh brews from real coffee beans even when you don’t have anything but a gas-hob handy.

It’s a bit like my old fashioned stovetop kettle which I find very handy on mornings when I wake to find no electricity but still want my morning Milo. Coffee-lovers take note: you can have your favorite brew regardless of power availability.


3. You Can Right-size to Match Your Needs, and it’s Easy to Use

I really like the cute one-cup stovetop coffee makers, but you can get bigger ones too. Choosing the right one is a simple matter of knowing how many cups of coffee you’re going to make at one time. 

Finally, I can see that it’s easy to use and easy to clean, and since it’s such a simple design, I can’t see anything about stovetop coffee makers that can break or fail in any hurry. Seems to me, that one of these can last a lifetime. And thanks to the ease of use, even I can make a decent cup of real coffee when friends come around again.

All in all, stovetop coffee makers look to be a good buy, and I’m looking forward to the pleasure and surprise with which my closest friends will taste their first cup of my brew.