my #plantita #plantEartha journey

It’s almost two weeks since I started my own #plantita journey. Plantita is a term people use these days for  women who are into the hobby of gardening.   Mine started when I posted on my social media that I think I need and want some plants to liven up my new place.  In a matter of hours of posting, a PR friend immediately sent not one but three blooming bromeliads.  I didn’t even know what they are called but they made me feel warm and tingly inside.  They are so beautiful will their unique flower bloom.  A Facebook page fan said they call it the Golden Flame.  Pretty app for how the blooms look like.

After that , my urban garden that I now call #gubatsacondo is grows everyday !  How did I grow my plant collection in a span of one week ?

I did not buy my plats, I got them through bartering . If you have read my previous blog post,  I also have got into #bartering and I have gotten pretty much of haul from my it.  Almost all of my plants are from bartering and its such a great feeling that I have gotten these lovely plants without costing me an arm and a leg.  It is ridiculous how these plants are expensive these days.

I remember when I was a child, my mother and father would just give away their plants to neighbors or relatives, and even passerby who asks for some.

Yes, I was born with a plant mama and plant papa, they both have green thumb and every plant they touch blooms.   They have their own garden.  Mom takes care of ornamental plants like roses, cosmos, orchids and all these plants that are ridiculously sold online and offline.  My mom had pothos and all that exotic whatever’s I don’t even know the names.  She had fortune plant, birds of paradise, calathea and so much more.  I wake up in the morning with mom singing to her plants while she waters them.  Before sunset she goes and tend to them again and yes, she sings.  My mom had tons of pictures with her flowers on her background, she loves having her photos taken with her plants.

My father was the real gardener.  He grows vegetables and fruit bearing trees.  He had santol, avocado, papaya, Sampaloc.  He also had upo, patola, ampalaya, kamatis, calamansi, sili, malungay.  Dad likes to take photos, I even have his old camera with me now, but he never liked having his photograph taken.

This is the only evidence of how my both parents were the original plant mama and plant papa and I wish I got their green thumb because it sucks to have plants die on you!

My Parents with Greenthumb
This photo was taken more than 20 years ago at our old house when it was not all concrete . That’s my father in the red hat and my mother peeking through the middle of the forest like front yard makeshift garden my mom and dad made. Outside were sili , papaya, saluyot, malungay, inside were my moms pothos, roses, cosmos and orchids. It’s a real jungle in there haha!


I had a great childhood.  I climb my father’s trees, I sat and study next to the window wrapped with my moms pothos and orchids. Those were the days.


How about you?  How was your childhood?  What was your plantita story?