Satisfy your Noodles Cravings with SauTao Noodles on Sale at Shopee

SauTao Noodles at Shopee
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Satisfy your Noodles Cravings with SauTao Noodles on Sale at Shopee

When times get rough, sometimes it’s just great to sit down , enjoy a fun TV show and a nice bowl of warm and savory noodles.  SauTao is one of the noodle brands from HongKong that has been a cult favorite and today is your lucky day because they are on sale at Shopee!

SauTao Non-Fred Mix Noodles

I will try this SauTao Non-Fred Mix Noodles and tell you about it.  Meanwhile, I need a cooking instruction for the rest of the noodles !

Sau Tao brand was established in 1960, they started with producing noodles and later on diversified into condiment as well, with over 150 itemsin their portfolio. It was awarded as Hong Kong
Top Brand during the 2000s.
Health and innovation are Sau Tao’s priority, with this guiding principle, they started producing noodles that are air-fried. Normally noodles are produced by deep frying, with the air-fry technology less oil is used, thus making the noodles lower in fat and calories versus traditional noodles.

Sau Tao is also known for their XO Sauce. XO Sauce is derived from the word XO (extra-old) cognac, which is a popular drink in Hong Kong usually associated with luxury, prestige and high quality.
XO Sauce are condiments made from different seafood, with scallop being one of the main ingredients, and chili peppers. It is very popular in Cantonese cuisine and often mixed with noodles and dimsums.

Sau Tao is officially distributed by Double Down Import & Export Inc. Double Down Import & Export Inc is focused on importing, distribution and marketing of Asian grocery items. The Mission Vision of the company is bringing global quality products to the Filipino doorsteps and making
products worldwide easily accessible, allowing Filipinos to have the complete product experience in the comfort of their own homes. The company brought in Sau Tao’s popular variant such as Sau Tao egg noodle, Shrimp Egg noodle, Shanghai Noodle, Cream noodle, Beijing noodle, Japanese Udon Noodle. These plain noodles can be cooked with soup, hot pot and stir fry.

We also brought in their exceptional instant noodle lines such as Sau Tao XO Sauce Instant Noodle, Sau Tao Black Pepper XO Sauce Instant Noodle, Sau Tao Sichuan Noodles, Sau Tao Jiangnan
Dry Instant Noodle, Sau Tao Shrimp Wonton Noodle, Sau Tao Abalone and Chicken Instant Noodle. Sau Tao items are available in Shopee (

SauTao Noodles is now on sale at Shopee! Download the Shopee app for free from the App Store or Google Play to shop for this product easily!

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