9 Expert Tips When Storing Wine at Home Properly

9 Expert Tips When Storing Wine at Home Properly

When storing wine at home here’s some things you need to know.

The Philippines is not a traditional wine country because it is seen as a luxury drink by Filipinos. However, in the recent years,  an increase in consumption had been realized while a lot are found to be storing wine at home.

A recent market study done by EuroMonitor has found out that there is an increase in wine sales and consumption in 2019.  The research has even predicted an increase in wine sales by up to 11% Pre-Covid-19  .  The research was held in May 2019.  But when the pandemic happened a slide in sales by up to 6%  was reported.

It was found out that the increase in wine consumption Pre-Covid-19 can be attributed to the how the standards of living improved for the middle class.  Most of them tried to find ways of spending their money.  Wine was one of those seen as a status symbol.  Wine  has also become a drink of choice during special occasions and a  wine pack was a great gift for friends and colleagues having a party.

In fact , pre-pandemic, a lot of companies and brands have been gifting wines during the Christmas “season” .  Wine was also the choice as gifts for dads during Father’s day, paired with cold cuts, cheese and steak baskets they got from the best beef supplier in town.

Most of these people who got a wine pack did not actually drink them the moment they got it.   A handful of had decided to set it aside to drink later  and put it on a shelf above their fridge, on their makeshift bar, or or a show cabinet. Bad news! Those are the worst places to store your wines !

  1. Here are some wine experts and enthusiasts tips on storing wines at home properly:
  • Store wine in a cool, dark closet at the center of your home, away from windows and appliances.   — Tertulia Cellars
  • Direct light, noise, and movement. These are all big contributors to wreaking havoc on your precious bottles. It is always more important to keep your wine at the same consistent temperature. — Carr Vineyards & Winery
  • It’s important to store your wine somewhere without excess light or heat fluctuations while keeping it laying on its side. This could include a dedicated wine cellar, a pantry, or even under your bed! For the longest time, I stored my wine laying flat in plastic storage boxes under my bed, keeping them cool and out of the sunlight – Paige Comrie, Wine with Paige
  • The best place to storing wine in your home is in a cool, dark place where the temperature doesn’t change much over the course of the year. Ideally, this would be a basement, but could also be a closet, the closer to the floor the better. —Bettina Sichel, Laurel Glen Vineyard
  • Wines need a dark place that has moderate humidity – 50%. You want to prevent the cork from drying out. Avoid direct sunlight and a damp basement. –Vino 301
  • If you are hanging onto a bottle or two for a special occasion, we recommend storing it out of sight and out of mind. Our favorite hiding place is on its side, under the kitchen sink. It’s actually kind of perfect if you think about it. Cool, dark, and since it’s where you store your cleaning supplies, you know your husband will never find it. –Naked WineryDecide when you want to drink your wine. If it’s something special that you want to age for a few years, put it in a box, seal it, and write the date on it. You won’t be as tempted to open it early and you won’t forget to drink it at the optimum time. –Burnt Bridge Cellars

For storing an open bottle of wine, use your Sodastream to blow the air out of the bottle before sticking the cork back in. Don’t try to pressurize the wine bottle! Just put the Sodastream injector about 1” into the open wine bottle. –Eleven Winery

When making an ice bucket to keep a bottle chilled, make sure to add about 1/3 of water. This will chill the bottle much quicker than just the ice. —Last Wine Down

These are a handful of useful and awakening tips on storing wine at home properly even if you don’t have a wine cellar or a basement!

Wine still has plenty of room for development in the Philippines compared to coffee.  In fact a lot of people now have their own coffee machine like the Anthony’s Espresso because of that Dalgona coffee trend at the height of the lockdown in March!

While the impact of COVID-19 will likely limit growth opportunities for wine for now, a lot of wine producers are optimistic that sales are expected to return to pre-COVID-19 levels by 2022 .

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