Make Online Classes Easier with these 10 Useful Items for Students and Teachers

Book stand Online classes easier
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Make Online Classes Easier with these 10 Useful Items for Students and Teachers

How to make your online classes easier ?

Today is the first day of “classes” in the social distancing normal in public schools.  This is totally new for a lot of Filipinos who are used to trooping physical schools and not even touching a computer even during their computer subject ! Yeah that crazy.

Now with the online classes being implementedonline classes being implemented, a lot of students and teachers are struggling about their set-up at home for their home schooling. It is a good idea to get home schooling items that will last you longer than a year or a few months.

I have taken the liberty to recommend some useful items that students and teachers need to make their online classes easier and more comfortable!

Computer or a Laptop with a good specs is great , if its just online meeting/video chat and no heavy graphics needed, a laptop with a processor not lower than i3 , a chromebook for students would be of great use.  You can buy a Chromebook for as low as Php5,000 here!  BUY NOW!
Chromebooks for 5k at Shopee

But if you have a budget to spend, and really want to invest in a better laptop that you and your kids can use not just for school but also for work , then this Asus FL8700F i5-8250U 8G DDR4 240 SSD 15.6 INCH LAPTOP  will be the best choice!  It’s the cheapest in the market with an i5 processor!   SHOP NOW! 

Asus i5 laptop

Or you can also get Refurbished Laptops for Phh15,000 only 

No matter how great your laptop or computer specs may be, if your internet signal is as worst as a dial-up, then it is useless. If you are on a post paid or pre-paid broadband subscription, you can use this Xiaomi Wi-Fi Signal Extender/ Signal Repeater  for Php579 only,  boost your WI-Fi at home and make online classes easier with a reliable internet signal!

Xiaomi Wi-Fi signal booster

While a lot of us can make do with just using the dining table or stacking a couple of boxes or chars as your working/ schooling table.  This can be bad for your posture plus it is not conducive to make your online classes easier to attend to .  Here’s are Computer Desk / Table that you can get for as low as Php400 only! BUY NOW !

Computer table

Some chromebooks and laptop don’t have a good webcam.  If you are a teacher you need to have clear image to show to your students. This WEBCAM  is in HD and uses USB with Built-in Sound-absorbing Microphone Dynamic Resolution High-end Video Call for PHP395 only!

Webcam Online classes easier

Of course headset or earphones with microphone is also important during online classes, especially if you have more than one student at home! Here’s a couple of headphones I personally like:

Glowing Cat Ears Noise Cancelling
Glowing cats ears headphone

  • Headphones with Mic
    Wired Earphones with MicrophoneTo make your online classes easier, teachers,  need a good microphone so their students can hear them well and absorb whatever they are saying, this Wired Microphone with Condenser  will be a great help for the teachers . Plus it cancels out noise so the kids won’t hear rooster, dogs or tricycle passing by sounds on your background.

    Vlogger mic Online classes easier

    Everyone will experience wrist strain!   When i worked heavily on computer and used the mouse a lot, I experience this.  Thi Wrist Support Mousepad is perfect to keep your wrist comfy and strain free !

    Wrist guard Online classes easier

    Teachers are now tasked to print their students modules by themselves!  I hope they get extra-allowance for doing this!    Or their schools should provide subsidy for printer purchases.   Here a PRINTER for Php3,600 only !

    Printer Online classes easier

    Sometimes its easier to take down notes or write down home work on a bg board that everyone can see .  I prefer a white board over a black board because there’s no chalk residue !  Anyway here are Magnetic White Boards  that’s actually double as a black board for Php400 only!

    With your hands on the keyboard and the mouse , a Table Book Stand will be great for your homeschooling , instead of having it ground level, your notebooks or books can be elevated so you can easily turn a page .

    Book stand Online classes easier

    Poor lighting will cause poor eyesight.  It is also important to invest in a good reading light alongside your desk or home/office set-up!  Here are a couple of desk lamps and LED lights you can use and they’re affordable too!

    Screenbar LED Desk Lamp

    Flexible LED Booklight USB Portable

    Led USB light Book stand Online classes easier

    I hope the students will be able to retain whatever they learn during their online classes and I hope teachers don’t get too much stressed because work is at home now and can extend even during their sleeping hours especially if they have to print modules!

    My prediction would be online classes will be an option for students and parents even when the pandemic status is lifted.  Same as work from home set-up.   It is best to invest in good quality items to use for your home school or work from home set-up now than to purchase all the time because you get bad quality.

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