Month: November 2020

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Rex E-Store offers new learning solutions to help learners and teachers cope with the new normal of education

School Year 2020-2021 has already started, with the so-called “new normal” of education already in place, REX E-Store is one of those new normal things that emerged.. To cope with the challenges of the different learning delivery models, teachers continue to find more ways on how to engage and support learners when they can’t see […]

Investment/ Finance

Use ING Pay, Do Your Thing, Earn Huge Interest and Get up to PHP50K in cash back

Ditch your old digital wallets and get ING Pay because this is the one to rule them all which allows you to earn interest and cash backs while using it! ING Philippines launched it’s newest payment account “ING Pay” that is designed to make everyday payments more convenient and secure especially during a time when […]

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How to always look professional on your Zoom meetings

One of the biggest changes to the working week is the introduction of Zoom meetings and video calls between colleagues, clients and teams alike. 

However, despite these strange adjustments, everything else is considered business as usual. This means arriving at meetings on time, paying close attention to what’s being said and of course, looking professional.

Current Affairs

What Are the Different Types of Assault?

The idea of being assaulted is something no one wants to think about, but it can be a reality. Situations that fall under the umbrella of assault include muggings, sexual assaults, and getting into altercations involving violence of some type.  Many cities around the U.S. are dealing with an uptick in violent assaults right now, […]

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