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2 out of 4 in my 4 Before 40 Happened and it’s a Wonderful Feeling !

I was browsing through my blog and I stumbled a category “for my book”.  It was password protected and knowing me I have forgotten the password.   So I went backdoor to my dashboard and read the entry.  The title is “My 4 before 40“.

It was a simple and straight forward entry of the 4 things I would like to do before I turned 40, I hid it in private because I don’t want people reading my “wish” until they are granted.

I have this belief that do first before boast.  Like proof first or if didn’t happen. I am also afraid of ill meaning  envious people will jinx it and it won’t happen ever. Plus I also believe if you want to make it happen you should write it down like a mantra.

So here are the 2 out of 4 in my 4 Before 40 that Happened  ! 

#2 Color my hair platinum or ash blonde.  I want to do this just for once in my lifetime while I still look 20ish! It’s one of my “do you dare challenges” that I am still psyching myself to do.

I did it! My hair was as platinum as platinum possible and I loved it. It took me a few months after turning 40 when I dare did it and I never regret that day I changed my hair color.  While my hair is no longer platinum blonde because of the lockdown I can’t have it colored professionally and achieve the same result.  I don’t think I’ll ever go back to black !  Unless. Ok. Never say never bt I have no plans of going back to my black hair yet.


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Platinum blonde

Platinum blonde

#4 Publish a book. It’s something I want to launch at my 40th birthday just in time for my blogs 10th anniversary! The book would be simple, fun, and easy-read book for and about women focused on inspiring everyone to be the best and make the best of who, what and where they are right now.

So, just this August 2020 this dream finally came true. Who would have thought that being in quarantine for 9 months would yield something great! I could not imagine that this will happen during this trying times. Who would have thought such an opportunity will come knocking at my door (or email) for that matter telling me they want to publish my book!  Yes a real paperback book and I am a real published author now! Imagine that!

Now, if you would be so kind to support this new chapter in my life as an author, here are the links where you can buy my book.  It’s available in paperback and ebook . I’d like the paperback haha!

Title Name – Earthlingorgeous Life Interrupted

Amazon Paperback – https://www.amazon.com/dp/9811487022

Before 40 Earthlingorgeous Life Interrupted Book Earthlingorgeous Life Interrupted Book

Ukiyoto eBook – https://www.ukiyoto.com/product-page/earthlingorgeous-life-interrupted

Amazon eBook – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08M9SVTJS

Google Play Book Link: https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=BAIHEAAAQBAJ

Earthlingorgeous Life Interrupted Book


Disclaimer:  2 of my 4 Before 40 happened when I turned 40 and the other happened just now.

Lesson? Don’t rush things or force things to happen. When it’s the right time it will!

Thank you Universe for all the great provision inspite these difficult and different time in the time of the Pandemic.

Meanwhile, Thank you to all three friends from whom have shown me in PM that they bought my book! I am touched by your support. Sobrang thank you!

One more favor please ! Can you please put a rating on my book as soon as you are done It will mean a lot to me. Thank you!

I am planning to give away copies to PR friends and brands whom supported me during the pandemic.  I still don’t have a copy of the book yet but waiting .

Lesson? Don’t rush things or force things to happen. When it’s the right time it will!

P.S..so, the 4 before 40 has passed but my 5 before 50 is already written in the stars 😁🤩🥰



As of this writing, a friend in the U.S. Mitch Colladilla got a copy of the book. She is actually the first ever to have a hard copy!  Thank you so much!

Earthlingorgeous Life Interrupted Book