Inspiring 25 years Jobstreet reveals their brand evolution as it adapts to the changing times

Jobstreet evolution Jobs that Matter
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Inspiring 25 years Jobstreet reveals their brand evolution as it adapts to the changing times

In celebration of its 25th year, leading online job portal JobStreet officially unveils its brand evolution with the revelation of their brand-new logo, look, and personality  and a new mobile application tailored to be more streamlined and responsive for jobseekers and hirers. 

Stressing on the need on “job that matters” JobStreet is evolving to what people need, a career partner.  A partner they can turn to and trust through these unique and challenging times. A partner who remains committed to innovation, evolution, and great customer value. Jobs are at the forefront of the economy. And JobStreet is the frontliner of economic recovery. JobStreet’s purpose remains stronger and more relevant than ever – to improve lives through better careers,” said Peter Bithos, SEEK Asia Chief Executive Officer.

As a partner of both jobseekers and hirers, JobStreet remains committed to its role in helping rebuild careers and the economy, revamping the whole employment experience to be more dynamic and relevant. 

Jobstreet and the Jobs that Matter

As the pandemic impacted many of the country’s workforce, unemployment rates have risen across the region, and lives have changed drastically.

In a recent online press briefing, they experienced a significant drop on job offers  to 50% during the first three months of the lockdown. It was alarming back then but when the lockdown was lifted, they have seen job orders have started to pick-up and come in.

What’s noticeable was how job orders have new demands and requirements.  Now potential employers accept part time workers, work from home set-up , undergrads, new graduates and even people with no job experience on a particular position.

The most sought off job right now they said is on education, followed by customer service .  I think the on-demand jobs are still the same from what they have mentioned from a previous Job report they revealed last May. You can read more about the state of employment in the Philippines during March-May 2020 here.

Jobstreet evolution Jobs that Matter

As for locations, you can now tailor which city or country you are looking to find a job.  But they are not strictly location centric but there are available offers for work abroad as well.   Except for the present restrictions where travelling abroad or flying out of the country is still blocked.  They said flights out might start opening by January.  Let’s cross our fingers to that!

With the unveiling of its first-ever brand evolution, JobStreet highlights its mission to work with passion and purpose and its commitment to connect job seekers and hirers with what matters to them most. More than just directing jobseekers to a position or a hirer, JobStreet serves as a platform that connects people not only to jobs where their skill set is needed but also where they can pursue a meaningful career. 

Since its foundation in 1995, JobStreet has continued to evolve to more than just a talent source platform. JobStreet remains the number 1 talent sourcing partner in Asia and places the greatest number of candidates overall, having 30million candidates and over 570,000 hirers. With an average of 15million visits to their sites every month and over 600,000 job opportunities available at any given time, JobStreet stands as a leader in the industry. JobStreet has also produced data-driven job reports vital during the onset of the pandemic, providing the public and private sectors the latest employment statistics, inspirational support, and industry insights. 

These changes prove that JobStreet is undergoing a transformation to become even more customer-centric, more digital savvy, and more insights led. 

In the new platform, a jobseeker, can create your own profile or update your old one. Drop your resume and see the status of your recent application.

To see the brand evolution in action visit


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