Is Long Hair Right for You? Benefits and Challenges of Long Tresses

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Is Long Hair Right for You? Benefits and Challenges of Long Tresses

There is no arguing the fact that long hair can look gorgeous. Its been a very popular style throughout history. And almost every culture near revered long tresses at some point. However, we live in an age of self-expression and every style is welcome. Therefore, you don’t have to grow your hair out just to fit fashion trends or make some kind of socio-cultural statement. This decision should be based on your personal preferences and nothing else.

But even then, you need to accept the fact that growing out your hair is challenging. It’s even more challenging to care for long tresses properly. This means that you need to be prepared to face those challenges and have the tools to overcome them. If you aren’t ready, you risk getting a mop of a rat’s nest instead of fabulous long tresses.

Why long hair can be great

The main benefit of having long hair is that it can look fantastic. Nearly everyone can look good with long hair. You can easily style it or cut layers that will make your presses complement your face beautifully. Also, you can change up your style easily because you have a multitude of styling options for long tresses. From a simple ponytail to fancy updos, you can use a new idea every day and create a unique look for years to come.

Also, having long hair comes in handy on the days when you are in a rush or just don’t want to bother with styling. Pulling your hair into a messy pony or bun takes moments and you can look good this way. You will not get so much leeway with a pixie cut or even a bob.

So, if you value styling flexibility, you definitely want to have long tresses. However, if you choose to grow out your hair, you need to keep in mind the following.

Will it look good on you?

As said before, almost everyone looks good with long hair. But are you sure you aren’t in the small percentage of those who appear much younger and livelier with a short cut?

Fortunately, it’s easy to find out whether a long style will suit you. To do this, you can use a wig but the cheap ones don’t look natural and investing in an expensive model might be a waste. The easy solution is to use clip-in hair extensions. They are very affordable and you can put them in yourself in a few minutes. Extensions can help you create a natural look, so you’ll have a good idea of exactly how you will appear with your hair grown out. But remember that hair extensions add volume, not only length. Your natural hair might not look quite as stunning without them.

Long hair #haircolorgoals from brunette to platinum blonde

Do you have the money for long hair maintenance?

Did you know that the average woman spends about $55,000 on haircare in her lifetime? According to a survey, about $80 a month goes into haircare products and treatments. Of course, average numbers don’t give you a good picture of reality. Therefore, it’s best to do your own calculations.

So, take note of how much money you spend on haircare products and salon visits. Also, note how often you need to buy replacements of those products.

Now, think about the fact that with long hair your consumption of all haircare products will increase. Therefore, if your bottle of shampoo lasted three months previously, long hair might “eat it up” in half of that time.

The good news is that long hair doesn’t need frequent cuts and even trims. But if you color your hair or go through treatments like perm or straightening, the cost will be much higher due to length.

Finally, all those fancy styles you can do with long hair will require accessories, which can be rather expensive.

Make these calculations and consider your budget as well as future hairstyle plans. Also, remember that long hair will require good haircare because it must stay healthy in order to look good.

Now, decide if you can truly afford this long-term change in style.

If not, don’t be upset, you can still use extensions to enjoy the long hair look occasionally.

Do you have the time for it?

Another thing you can’t forget is that long hair requires not only more haircare products but also more time. It will take a while to style it if you prefer fancy styles that really make long tresses worth it.

Think about this before making your final decision.

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