Clorox Donated Disinfecting Wipes to 5 Major Hospitals in Metro Manila

  • There is a lot of disinfectant brand around the market today but honestly I only use Clorox.  I actually “hoarded” stocks during online sales of my favorite online shopping platform.  I’ve hoarded bleach, disinfecting wipes, spray and even their bleach pen that is absolutely amazing for spot cleaning .

While I have the luxury of sitting at home never going out to buy anything or see anyone or visit any places, that is at least my “ambag” to the country and our hardworking frontliners who is battling with Covid-19 since March 2020.  Their work is no joke.

We are in a situation where staying in can be for our own good and the welfare of others. But what happens to those who are on the other side of the spectrum? Our frontliners are working day and night risking their lives to serve their purpose. They are our new world heroes.

Being exposed to the dangers of the virus is as scary as it sounds. Staying in an environment where the virus can linger can make you paranoid, to say the least. That is why all of us are taking precautionary steps such as staying clean and sanitized all day. 

Clorox, widely known for its disinfecting products, is giving away 1000 Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Philippines to five hospitals around Metro Manila: The Medical City, St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City, Lung Center of the Philippines, National Children’s Hospital, and Cardinal Santos Medical Center. The new Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Philippines not only kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, it can also kill COVID-19 Virus (Sars-CoV-2) within 60 seconds making it a perfect weapon that our frontliners should have.


“Protecting our medical frontliners is at the top of priorities. We want to keep them safe and sanitized all day long,” said Clorox International Sales and Marketing Director for Southeast Asia Paulo Lao. “We want to start from five hospitals, but we’re already securing resources to be able to extend this initiative to more hospitals nationwide.”

To flatten the curve, we must participate in lessening the increasing number of cases. Observing physical distance, ensuring that you always have a mask, and staying sanitized and disinfected is vital during this time. These small steps can already create a huge ripple. Although the future is unpredictable, let us all arm ourselves with a brave heart to combat these uncertainties.