Cashless Lifestyle

Want a Glimpse of your 2020 Cashless Lifestyle Report with PayMaya

I have embraced the cashless lifestyle since the pandemic that started in 2020.  My most reliable money app that I use were my banks app and Paymaya.
Here’s a glimpse of my 2020 Cashless Lifestyle imagine that 37% went to online shopping.  This includes my fave online shopping sites, grocery delivery service and food delivery.
Cashless Lifestyle
I also used Paymaya to send money and transfer funds on my account .  I barely use Paymaya for my Bills Payment because I use my bank app.
But now seeing the Cashback I could have gotten if I used Paymaya for paying my bills I would have gotten enough to pay my next bill.
A friend got more than Php400 cashback through the #BalikBayadChallenge #CashBackisReal I didn’t know what he did that got him the cashbacks. I haven’t received a cashback since 2019 haha!

Anyway, if you are curious to see you CashLess Lifestyle Here’s a quick guide to help you view your 2020 Cashless Lifestyle results:

  1. Make sure to update your PayMaya app. You may use this link for iOS, and this link for Android.
  2. Open your PayMaya app and click the Cashless Lifestyle Banner. 
  3. Check your results and share on social media!

This year I am surely all for cashless because we will never know how physical money goes around and how the sneaky rona can stay for 72 hours on surfaces!

If you haven’t yet then this year is the best year to kick of your cashless lifestyle and enjoy the convenience and the cashbacks !