Dear Moon Project, Fly me To the Moon and Back in 2023

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Dear Moon Project, Fly me To the Moon and Back in 2023

As a child, I’ve always wanted to be an Astronaut.  I have this fascination with the heavenly bodies. The sky, clouds, planets, stars, sun, moon, and everything in the Milky Way and beyond.

I look up every day and night and see what painting the sky has to offer.  It is such a joy to see a different painting above.  Different colors, different patterns every day.  What a great artist orchestrate such timeless art above.

Today, I saw the news about the Dear Moon Project and that they are giving everyone an equal opportunity to be in the 8 crew that will join them for the initial flight in 2023!  This could be my chance to fly to the moon and back!  That will be such an out-of-this-world experience, literally and figuratively!

I sent my application to the pre-registration and was sent an email that the selection process will commence on March 15, 2021.

Dear Moon Project Crew Candidate ID card
dear moon project

Actually, a few years back I also filed an application to the MARS One Mission but the project was folded.  I was told I was the only Filipina applicant!  OMG! It would have been such a great opportunity to be selected even just for training at NASA!

Anyway, here I am shooting for the stars, I mean, to the moon and back hoping and dreaming I can fly up there and play among the stars and see the Earth through the moon’s perspective.  Oh my, goosebumps as I write this!

So far, there are about 500 thousand pre-registered applicants already.  I am surprised the Philippines is not on the Top 10 applicants!  If you want to try your luck and maybe put the Philippines on the Top 10 then pre-register now at  Good luck to us!   Pero sa totoo lang mas bagay sha saken hahaha dear moon dot earth ! Haha!

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