How to pay your SPayLater bill? How much is the interest? Here are tips to enjoy your big 3.3 Mega Shopee Budol shopping

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How to pay your SPayLater bill? How much is the interest? Here are tips to enjoy your big 3.3 Mega Shopee Budol shopping

I’ve been bombarded by questions about the SpayLater since the day I put it on my blog.  One of the burning question was, how to pay a SPayLater bill.

How to pay your SPayLater Bill

May I just remind everyone that the SPayLater is not available for everyone at the moment.  I guess they are still testing the waters if people will buy it and if their payment scheme works.  Also it’s a way for them to push their ShopeePay, it’s their digital wallet platform kinda like Paymaya and Gcash that you can put money in and take money out through different channels.

SpayLater, if it’s not clear to you is like a shop now pay later option or a shopping credit line with Shopee.   At the moment it is a payment option available for random Shopee Platinum users with a credit range from Php5,000 to Php10,000 depending on the amount you are approved from.  You may read my SPayLater on how to find or get this option on your Shopee app.

You may check here if you are eligible for the SPayLater option


  1. Click the SPayLater as your payment option
  2. Pick a payment scheme.  There are three kinds SpayLater where you pay full after the a month on the cut-off date. Pay in two installment or Pay in three installment.
  3. Click and get your approval for the purchase.
  4. You will see how much is left in your SPayLater  and your recurring bill
  5. You will be asked to pay on the 5th or 25th of the Month.  if you shopped during the 3.3 Mega Shopee Sale you will have to pay on the 5th of April.
  6. You will only get your bill nearing your payment due date.
  7. As soon as you see your bill Click the Pay Now option and you will be redirected to paying your bill via ShopeePay or Gcash or CoinsPh . If you are paying throughr ShopeePay you may need to top-up/ put money in your Shopee Pay account using Gcash.
  8. Other payment options is via Payment Centers like 7-Eleven Cliqq, Bayad Center, Cebuana Lhuiillier Payment, ECPay, LBC Bills Payment, M Lhuilier, Palawan Pawnshop, RD Pawnshop, or Robinsons Department Stores.
  9. You can also pay over-the-counter via the Bank of your choice.
  10. Or pay via online payment via BPI ExpressOnline , Unionbank Internet Banking, RCBC AccessOne, BDO Internet Banking, MetroBankDirect, Landbank ATM Online, PNB Online, Robinsons Bank Online Bills Payment, UCPB Connect, and Chinabank Online .



How to pay your SPayLater Bill

Honestly I don’t know, but you can do the math yourself.  I am bad at math so i will just show you an example of a SPayLater bill .

In the image is the payment options for a bill amounting to Php1,359.   If I pick the Buy now Pay Later , which means I will pay next month billing cycle , I will pay Phop1,412,68.    If I choose to pay via Intalment of two payments I will pay Php733.15 every due date which means I will pay Php1,466.5 total.  If I opt for the 3 intallment payment option I will pay 3 Php506.72 each month meaning I will pay Php1,506.72 total.

This means I will pay an excess of Php53.68 for choosing the buy now pay later on your SPayLater bill.  Php107.5 for choosing to pay in 2 intalments. Php161.16 for choosing to pay in 3 intalments.

How to pay your SPayLater Bill How myc is interest on SpayLater

I hope this answers your questions!  If not leavea comment below or through Earthlingorgeous Facebook Page (not my personal FB account please or I will ignore it).

How to pay your SPayLater Bill


Happy shopping everyone!  You may want to check out Shopee budol haul  where I got a foldable washing machine, foldable bath tub, a Wonder Woman Mug , a slim-type shoe rack and slim type trolley and more !

BTW here’s a voucher! Happy Shopping!

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