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6 Creative Home Improvement Tips to Make Staying at Home Fun in the New Normal

Is it time for you to make a creative home improvement? Are you getting tired of being stuck at home ?
Now that we have spent most of our lives staying in because of the pandemic, I am sure most of us have had cabin fever.  You know the itch to go anywhere but your humble abode because it’s getting to feel like a prison more than a home.  Who wouldn’t, we have been crawling our way to our second year to the longest lockdown in the world!
I feel you.  I am stuck in my condo for about 10 months and I haven’t left the property since.  I get a little stir crazy and so I channel my anxiousness to rearranging my furniture almost once a week since I got here. Those little creative home improvements I made kinda make my place more bearable and suspends my urge to go out and catch the virus!
Comfort and functionality are two important factors to consider to make your homes in the new normal a fun living space.  It helps shield you from the feeling of missing out because there’s absolutely nothing to miss!

Before making those creative home improvements here are things you need to do first:

  • Make a lay-out your homes. Draw your home floor areas and identify the non-moveable areas and things like the entry-way main-door, kitchen counters, doors of your bedroom and comfort room/bath room and stairs.
  • Identify areas. Once the non-moveable areas and pieces are identified write down things you need/ want to have in your home to make staying there more comfortable.  This can be your work-at-home station, study-at-home station, coffee station, dining area, living room / movie room etc.
  • It is a good idea to invest in personal amenities inside your houses  for wroking out or watching -in hourse movies or having the feel of having a staycaction at home!
  • Take into consideration the areas of your houses that are utilized the more and more people spend time at. You might need a bigger space for this.
  • Areas in your houses you can make creative home improvements

    1. Home Office / Online Schooling
    2. Fitness Center (Exercising area/ Home Gym)
    3. Chill Spot (Coffee Nook/ Reading Nook)
    4. Kitchen
    5. Dining
    6. Restroom
    7. Bedroom
    8. Indoor Garden
    9. Playground
    10. Home Theater 
    11. Pet space
  • Do an inventory. Make an inventory of all the home furnishings, appliances, home accessories , lights, sounds, electrical outlet and everything you might need for each area/station.  This is to minimize your spending on buying things you think you need but you already have .  We should take hold of every penny we can save during these trying times.
  • Think of a theme you want in each area. It will be fun, if you are like me to have a different look and feel each week .  Today you are tropical. Next week you are like living in an Igloo.   Take inspiration from the Pinterest boards !  The possibilities are endless!
  • Have everyone in your household participate in the home makeover !   If you have kids you can ask them to make a special piece to put in their favorite spot at home that they can be proud of .  If you are one of those who will be putting on stickers in your homes have bigger kids help, just the way they used to do when wrapping their school books and notebooks for school !
  • Combine room functions.  If you don’t have enough space to make all your “dream” areas possible, you can combine areas in your homes.  You can combine the Chill Spot with the Indoor Garden and the Fitness Center.  I am not sure if Work from Home and Online Schooling areas can be combined because both need to be away from the noises in the house. It might be best if you can put your work and study area inside your bedrooms . Or if your chill spot or garden is quieter maybe someone can make that her home or study area too.

Here’s some of the creative home improvements I did to maximize my space:

Home sweet home
Home sweet home

  • exercise bike quarantined life foldable bathtub foldable bathtub adult
  • creative home improvements

And some I want to take some inspiration because of my pink sofa !

creative home improvements

creative home improvements creative home improvements creative home improvements creative home improvements

  1. creative home improvements
  2. However, there are no strict rules. Your home your rules !  Just do you . This is just a guideline.

It doesn’t matter if you live in a detached house with own backyard or frontyard, or a  very limited spaced condo unit or low-cost housing or apartment . More poeple, like you and me  have realized the importance of investing in high-quality home for our families.  The need of having a safe home is amplified .  

I’ve know a lot of people who have moved out during the pandemic.  Me, included.  I have a couple of friends who have moved from condos to town-houses because there’s more freedom and space.

People who never left their conods for the past 6-7 months when in quarantine are  re-evealuating their residential property opitons. Some of the people I know have been considering buying a property while some have realized renting is the most practical way of living in the new normal.  If you plan to buy and getting a housing loan you can estimating mortgage affordability based on income . 


According to the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) This time might be the best time to invest in property as residential sales is in a slump. This is because a lot of residential project launches halted, a lot of  construction are delayed and mortgages grants have dropped by half in the second quarter of 2020.

We’ve seen the demand for second properties vacation homes, beach properties houses and lots in Laguna and bantangas,