Deerma vacuum cleaner

Deerma DX700 vs Deerma CM800 Deerma CM1900 or both and why? Best vacuum cleaner should you get

Deerma vacuum cleaners have taken over Filipino homes since the pandemic.  Why not, it’s cheap and it works to keep our home clean!

I know because I was one of those who purchased the Deerma brand just because I saw it being talked about on home improvement and enthusiast groups on Facebook.

The Deerma DX700 , which I got last November for Php1,690  during the 11.11 sale was the trending vacuum cleaner since June 2020. Until now a lot of people are asking should they get it and why especially because of the 5.5 sale and now an upcoming payday sale.  Now I think it will on sale for Php1,790 .

Another Deerma vacuum cleaner has been trending this 2021 especially the cordless and wireless.  The less expensive UV mite vacuum cleaner was the Deerma CM800 which is just Php1,890.  The high-end one which is wireless, chargable and has mite killing and UV light is the Deerma CM1900 which is sold for Php2,269. 

Deerma vacuum cleaner

As I’ve mentioned, the above prices mentioned are sale prices. Regular prices could go as high as Php8,990. so the one you think is more expensive is actually a real steal.

Because people don’t just want to buy things because they’re trending.  Budol is real and peer pressure is real even online.  I kept being asked what is better the Deerma DX700 or the Deerma CM800 or Deerma CM1900.  They also ask that if they already have the DX700 do they still need to get the CM800 or CM1900.

My personal answer would be yes, you need both.


Deerma DX700 is your normal home cleaning vacuum cleaner for floors, walls, and surfaces.  While it has three different nozzles, personally, I don’t want what I use for my floors to clean my bed and sofa.  Just like I don’t use my broom on my bed.

For such reason, you need the Deerma CM800 or the Deerma CM1900 which has UV and mite killing/ sucking powers that can clean our sofa and bed amazingly.

When it comes to the Deerma CM800 or Deerma CM1900 I pick the latter, the Deerma CM1900, just because it is cordless.

Here is my video review for  DX700 and  CM1900 .  I just made the CM1900 because a lot were asking about it. I got lazy reviewing it before but because of the demand, I did it!  Please watch the vlogs and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!

BUY Deerma DX700  Cyclone Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Php1,690


 BUY Deerma CM1900 Wireless Mite UV Vacuum for Php2,269

But of course, it will all boil down to your needs and budget if you will get both or just pick one.

If I have to choose I think I will go with the DX700 just because it has extendable arms that can go to high and low crevices and corners of your homes.  Just change and make sure not to use the nozzle for your floors and surfaces of your homes for your bed and sofa.

I also have another vacuum cleaner that I want to talk about the Fujihama wet and dry vacuum cleaner.  This one is for deep cleaning of your bed and sofa which included deep shampooing or washing not just sucking dust and dirt.

Yes, I know the pandemic and staying at home for more than a year made us all make our house as comfortable and pretty as possible because it is our fortress.  I do hope one day soon we can all go out again freely not worrying about a deadly and sneaky virus-like Covid-19.  When we do let’s sip some margarita and talk about our budols !


Stay gorgeous everyone!

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