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6 Things Every Business Should Consider Before Jumping on Social Media

For most businesses, the idea of marketing their brand, product, or service on social media is a tempting one. It’s due to the prevalence of digital marketing and the large audience that it provides, especially nowadays where people are mostly on their phones or computers. 

In 2020 alone, the global number of people who have access to smartphones rose to 3.6 billion. Out of this population, 74 million can be found in the Philippines – not to mention the 89 million social media users also present in the country. 

Through the pervasiveness of digital interaction in the Philippines, it’s become commonplace for Filipino enterprises to jump the gun and create social media pages or profiles for their business. But more often than not, this is done recklessly. 

And due to this, most don’t take full advantage of the marketing opportunity that social media platforms provide. It also results in social media marketing campaigns not translating into clicks, especially sales. 

If you’re currently at a loss, fret not because we’re here to help you out! To make your business’ transition to social media more seamless, effective, and light on the pocket, we’ve listed down all the things you need to consider!

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Knowing and identifying your target audience is the first step in successfully establishing a business online. The internet is a huge place, filled with different people, whose age, sex, and likes affect how they consume and interact online, specifically the services, products, and brands that they patronize.


If you want to make things easier for your business, when it comes to gaining clicks, likes, or any kind of interaction, you should narrow down the demographics of your target audience. By doing this, you put your effort into people that matter to your business – people that will more likely buy your product or service that you offer. 

  • Choosing the Appropriate Social Media Platform


This step is closely linked to the first one. If you’ve identified your chosen audience, this step will be significantly easier. 


If you’re dealing with a younger audience, your go-to social media platform should focus on networks they hang out on most of the time and great examples would be Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. 


On the other hand, Facebook and LinkedIn are for those who cater to a more adult and formal audience. 


However, you should also take into account the region you’re in. For example, in the Philippines, Facebook is used by both young and old – making it ideal as a platform for businesses that want a more generalized target audience.


We also don’t advise creating profiles on multiple social media networks, primarily because it might make things complicated. We suggest starting with a platform that you’re familiar with and comfortable using. 


Focusing on one platform at a time will make things easier for you to understand. Consider it a training ground and branch out afterward once you feel confident with your work.

  • Creating a Username 


Coming up with a social media username or page name is as important as naming a brand, business, or service. It serves as an initial introduction to what you offer. 


That’s why it’s crucial to pick one out that stays authentic to who you are, especially with the kind of business you have. We suggest tailoring it closer to your business’ name, but you also have to make adjustments if it’s too long. Just keep it short, sweet, and memorable. 


It’s also important to check if your username is still available, specifically if you’re using a platform like Instagram. You can add or remove characters as needed, but don’t go too far.


Using a single username for all of your social media platforms will also make things a lot less complicated for you. It will also help your followers and potential customers find you quicker when on a different social network.

  • Social Media Management


As we mentioned earlier, managing social media profiles or accounts could become complicated – that is if you’re doing it alone. It takes an extensive amount of time to address the kinks of your page, especially when it comes to ad campaigns for your target audience. 


One way to lift the burden off your shoulder is by partnering or seeking the help of a social media management agency. By handing the reigns of your pages to someone you can trust and who can materialize your vision, you’ll have extra time to handle other business affairs.


Finding a social media management agency in the Philippines has never been easier! Due to the popularity of digital marketing in the country, you can find one without breaking a sweat, more importantly without spending a fortune. 

  • What is your Purpose?


This is the step that most businesses skip when creating a social media account for their brand or business. Most of the time, most just jump into the fray without a clear purpose or knowledge of their market and how digital marketing works. 


This makes things costly and ineffective in the long run. That’s why it’s always important to pinpoint the purpose of your expansion to social media, which could be one of the following: 


  • Growing brand presence.
  • Spreading Awareness.
  • Expanding into new sectors.
  • Generating Revenue.

  • What’s your Strategy?


Out of all the considerations we mentioned, this one’s the most important. Coming up with a solid strategy for your profiles or pages will make your transition into social media more worthwhile and cost-effective – instead of just flailing your way through it all while losing valuable income. 


A lot of factors go into an effective social media strategy, but here are the essential things you need to take into consideration for your plan: 


  • Creating a posting schedule.
  • Creating content.
  • Creating your voice, style, and tone.
  • Determining what success looks like.
  • A way to measure success on your social media profiles.


With everything considered, there’s really nothing wrong with jumping on current digital marketing trends such as social media, after all, it’s the best way to gain exposure and increase sales at present.


However, you must always remember that preparation and research are fundamental in any successful venture. By arming yourself with knowledge and the right strategy, your foray into social media as a business or brand will surely spell success!