8 Father’s Day Gifts THE Man of the House will Surely Love !

8 Father’s Day Gifts THE Man of the House will Surely Love !

Are you still lost about your Father’s Day gifts? Father’s day celebration this 2021 happens on June 19 or the 3rd Sunday of the month of June.  Midyear sale is happening this 6,6 on Lazada and Shopee with up to 90% discount on amazing products and deals!   Don’t miss this chance to steal a good deal and make your Daddy proud!  Haha!

Kidding aside, if you wait for the Payday sale, it may be too late before you get the gift you want so the 6.6 midyear sale is a great time to snag that Father’s Day gifts on time.

If you are still lost on what to get for your dad, I have compiled a few of those things that your father wants but doesn’t want to splurge on. If I was the man, I would want all these things on my list for myself!



65 Inches TV

I don’t know what’s it about men and their big TV sets.  You know you live in a 24 sqm room and they want a TV the entire size of their walls!   With that said men of all ages wants their TV Big and so GET THEM THIS 65 INCHES SMART TV for their entertainment pleasure!

There’s so many SMART TV Brands now that you can buy a 65 Inches one for as low as Php6,500 !  I don’t kid you!   Check this out!

65 inches tv

Streaming device

Don’t forget to include a CASTING DEVICE like a Xiami TV Box or Stick, Anycast or Google Home device to complete the experience!



The things the man in the house wants to do are create things with their hands and make something they are proud of.  Be it putting together an efficient coffee nook or home cafe or just securing the house a little with some contraptions here and there.

Now that everyone is staying at home, all sorts of home improvement things have been happening.  While there are online stores and shops you can buy what you need.  It’s always way much rewarding if you do it yourself, or well the man of the house does it!  He would need these POWER TOOLS to craft a new shelf for the laundry area or to make his dream bench by the door!

Father's day gift peer tools

This POWER TOOL kit got everything he needs, a drill, a grinder and impact tool!  BUY NOW!


Your dad wants to grow some beard and mustache but they’re just too slow to grow?  Or has their facial hair everywhere with patches here and there!  This is something they would love!  A beard-growing balm that also helps groom them too.

Here’s 21 Beard Styles the man in your house could use #CoronaBeards style update.

Now that they know which facial hairstyle to adapt, GET THOSE BEARD GROWING BALM NOW , I’m sure you won’t regret it!

Beard grooming father's day gift

Oh ! Warning, once they start loving their facial hairs it may become annoying or entertaining for you to see them groom it or have the hairs go this way or that way when you as the lady of the house don’t care as long as you have a grizzly bear to caress. Haha!   Here’s more BEARDED LIFE ESSENTIAL STUFF your bearded guy will need/want.


Remember before the pandemic he used to go to the massage parlor a lot?  Now that this privilege he got to pamper himself once in awhile was taken away, maybe you want to splurge and give daddy the massage he needed.  No, I don’t mean you doing it but this amazing MASSAGE CHAIR that you can actually use yourself!

This full-body luxury music massage room, fully automatic kneading massage chair will be a great addition to your house while still on lockdown.  Instant spa at home.  GET THIS FULL BODY MASSAGE CHAIR HERE! 

Father's Day gift massage chair

A cheaper option is this full-body massage cushion.

Massage cushion father's day gift

Other father’s day gifts you may want to consider are:

COFFEE MACHINE.  If they’re a coffee lover. Nothing like a fresh brew available any time of the day around the house!





The price tag is absolutely not important because appreciating your loved one has no price.  However, consider your budget for your father’s day gifts father’s day gifts, your father’s hobbies and likes, and what he really needs or wants before you shop.   Since he is your father you know how he handles gifts there are ones that are easy to please and the ones who are tough ones.

For those whose fathers have passed on, a simple prayer for them would suffice.  I miss you, Papa!




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