Heartfelt Ways You Can Keep and Share Your Precious Memories Forever

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that time is precious. Therefore, holding on to as many happy memories as we can is incredibly important. Having access to all your favourite life experiences and stellar moments that always raise a smile, or being able to see the faces and actions of family members who are no longer around, is an important gesture that will keep you and future generations smiling for years to come.

In times gone by, grainy home video footage and dusty photo albums would be the go-to source of memories and family life, but now that we have technology on our side, there are dozens of different ways we can keep more of our favourite memories around so we can enjoy them. Let’s explore some heartfelt ways you can keep and share more of your precious memories, forever.  

Discover Beautiful Photo Tiles

These photo tiles from Hello Canvas are a simple yet eye-catching way to display your favourite memories and moments within your own home. Traditional photo prints can be a little dull and make a room look tired, but with these photo tiles, you can choose the shape and size, creating a diverse and interchangeable photo gallery anywhere in your home. Whether you want to create a stunning collage of your favourite childhood vacation in the living room or a gallery wall of your wedding leading up the stairs to your bedroom, these photo tiles are a versatile and distinctive way to share your favourite moments.

Set Up a Website Full of Memories

Setting up a website that is fully dedicated to your personal and family memories is a wonderful way to permanently preserve your most loved images and precious videos for years to come. You can also write stories or captions highlighting the details of your photos and videos, and share the address with other friends or family members so they can contribute also. Don’t feel daunted at the prospect of building a website from scratch, most website builders come with standard templates that make managing your own site simple.

Keep An External Hard Drive

While it’s not exactly glamorous, storing your family moments in an external hard drive is certainly practical and reliable. Perhaps you don’t want to pay for additional storage space on the Cloud or Google Drive, or maybe you feel that your memories are safer in your own hands, whatever the reason, storing your photos on an external hard drive makes sense!

And Finally,

Create, Edit and Share Home Videos

In years gone by, our parents would hook up the video recorder to the VCR and we’d all gather to watch grainy, unedited footage of family events and holidays. The purity and innocence of these home videos are wonderful and it’s something you can still capture today at home. Using your digital devices, you can capture, download, and edit your videos and clips into family movies using free editing software. It’s a fun and exciting way to keep and share your most precious memories for years to come.