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7 Best Scented Candles For Your Home

Choosing the right scents or scented candles for your home may change your mood and promote wellness. Consider getting these seven scents for your space.


A clean and well-decorated home is vital to our wellness. Add the right scent, and you can have your very own spa or aromatherapy at an affordable price. Certain smells may also help relieve certain health conditions or boost productivity for those working from home.


Thanks to scented candles, you can now make your home fragrant and stylish without spending a fortune. If you’re a beginner when it comes to choosing candles, here are seven of the best scents you can start with:



Lavender extract is known for helping you relax and relieve stress, which is why it is a common ingredient in soap, shampoo, and essential oils. Lavender scented candles come in different sizes and shapes, making them suitable for any home interior. Place them on your bedside table to help you sleep better at night.



Eucalyptus, and its cousins mint and peppermint, provide a refreshing fragrance that works for any season. Lighting up a candle or two during hot, humid days may give you a sense of coolness and rejuvenation. If you have allergies triggered by cold, dry weather, lighting up a eucalyptus candle may help decongest and calm down your colds or cough.


Eucalyptus scented candles are also ideal for eliminating mildew and mold odors. You can consider getting one or two for your home. BGC condo renters may also use them to get rid of foul odors coming from their kitchen, bathroom, or air conditioner.



If you’re looking for a scent that is romantic with a rustic vibe, sandalwood scented candles are a perfect choice. Sandalwood’s sweet, soft fragrance may help promote focus, positive thinking, and clarity of the mind. Place one in your home office or child’s bedroom to help you become more productive and concentrated on your tasks.



The rose is a worldwide-favorite flower. Not only do they symbolize love, friendship, and purity, but rose fragrance extracts offer therapeutic benefits. Lighting rose-scented candles may help overcome anxiety and depression symptoms. Doing so may also reduce headaches, menstrual cramps, and hot flashes during menopause.



Citrus scents, such as lemons, oranges, and bergamot, are great for adding a zesty mood to your place. They also calm and elevate your mood, especially during gloomy, rainy days or during the colder season. The refreshing and zesty scent of citrus-scented candles is also great for eliminating unpleasant smells at home. Ideal rooms to place citrus-scented candles are the kitchen, bathroom, and guest room.



Jasmine flowers have been the subject of legends and art forms for years. Some people use the flower’s extract as an aphrodisiac, which is perhaps why jasmine scents are used in honeymoon suites. However, jasmine scents are also excellent for aromatherapy due to their calming and soothing properties. You can light a candle while you do yoga or meditate for optimal relaxation.



Vanilla is a sweet fragrance that may remind you of your grandma baking cookies or making ice cream. Besides giving you the nostalgia of your childhood, vanilla-scented candles may uplift your mood. Couple them with rose candles to help you fight depression and anxiety symptoms.


Due to their sweet scent, vanilla-scented candles may help you curb your dessert cravings. Lighting one or two vanilla candles may help you reduce your sweet tooth and perhaps inspire you to pursue your diet and workout plans.


To sum up, the right scents make your home an inviting and wellness-promoting place. Choose from these seven fragrances and enjoy a pleasant and stylish home.