6 Useful Tips to Make a Rented Apartment Feel Like a Home

6 Useful Tips to Make a Rented Apartment Feel Like a Home

A rented space can feel like home with the right furniture and decoration pieces. Make your apartment your haven with these helpful tips.

Decorating and furnishing is part of making your home feel “more like a home.” Adding elements that reflect your personality, aspirations, and style preferences make your space more personal and inviting. After all, a furnished home makes you feel less alone and lonely, even if you don’t have roommates to share your rented apartment.


While the apartment you are renting might not be a hundred percent yours, by adding the right furniture, decorations, and appliances, you can make your space your very own sanctuary that makes you feel safe, warm, and comfortable.


Here are six helpful tips in making your rented apartment feel homier:

Make It Brighter

Ample lighting makes any space more appealing and comfortable. If you take a look at offices, hotels, and minimalist-themed homes, there is enough light to keep them bright and well-illuminated all day. 

Maximizing light in your apartment opens up your space, making it look more spacious and free-flowing. If your apartment unit is blessed with large windows, keep them clean to allow natural light to come inside. Add reflective materials, such as mirrors, brassy accents, and glass bowls, to help distribute the light all over your apartment.

Place lighting fixtures such as a desk lamp, sconce lights, and mood lighting. You want your desk lamp to be bright enough for you to work efficiently. Get bulbs that mimic daylight so you can enjoy bright but not harsh lighting.

For ambient lighting, choose LED bulbs that give off warm and soft lighting. Use floor lamps, ceiling lights, and table lamps to do the trick. You want your apartment to feel cozy and well-illuminated.

Use Curtains

While you want to brighten your apartment by letting the light in through your windows, place some curtains to add privacy and block the sun so your house won’t overheat. Use sheer curtains to keep harsh sunlight away without blocking your view and natural air from coming in. Sheer curtains can also block out overlooking neighbors and passers-by.

Adding curtains also gives the illusion of higher ceiling space. You want to make your apartment unit as spacious and high as possible to make it feel less overwhelming.

Use Smart Storage

Since apartment units are smaller than houses and larger condo units, smart storage is the way to go in your rented home. Of course, you can’t just install new storage units or renovate the built-in cabinetry in your rented apartment. Thankfully, there are storage boxes and clever organizers you can get to tidy and declutter your space.


Use stackable plastic drawers to keep office supplies, paper, medicine, and snacks. Get desk organizers to keep your workspace organized and decluttered for your everyday shift. Expand space in your kitchen by getting baking and cooking supplies that you can stack into one portable piece.

Get Modular Furniture Pieces

rented apartment modular pieces

Besides getting innovative storage pieces, get modular furniture sets to make your apartment organized and comfortable. For example, if you need more seating for your living area, choose foldable benches or couches with secret compartments. Use the hidden storage to keep books, indoor slippers, and other trinkets that may otherwise clutter your space.

Use stackable stools you can disassemble to accommodate guests or your roommates. Get a foldable or extendable table that you can double as a coffee or dining table. For beds, bunks beds are great for accommodating you and your roommate. But if you want more ceiling and floor space in your bedroom, choose a futon as your bed. You’ll also save yourself the hassle of placing large beds when you move into an empty flat.

Add Greenery

Plants are excellent additions that can make your rented unit feel more relaxing and inviting. They’re affordable and sustainable decor that adds aesthetic appeal and health benefits to unit renters. Some plants also repel bugs, such as flies and mosquitoes, so you won’t have to worry about them pestering your home. You may also place edible plants, such as rosemary, basil, thyme, mint, and sage, in your kitchen so you can easily access these herbs for your favorite dishes.

Accessorize and Decorate

rented apartment home office bar dining home features

Add some decorations such as artworks, tiny figurines, brass figures, scented candles, and other accessories to personalize your apartment unit. Place these on top of your shelves, coffee table, and bedside drawer to make your most intimate rooms more reflect your personality and aspirations. You may also get inspiration from these TikTok influencers in accessorizing your flat.


Choose pillows and bedsheets that match to make your bed look more appealing and comfortable. You can also get matching throw pillows for your living room couch or daybed. Doing so will give you ample cushioning and accent pieces for your apartment.


The bottom line when it comes to furnishing and decorating your rented apartment is to make it personal and more comfortable for your use. You also want it to feel more like home, even if the space isn’t entirely yours. Consider these six tips and make your rented apartment your haven.


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