pink christmas decorations

Glamorous Pink Christmas Decoration Themes to Inspire and Adorn Your Homes this 2021 Holidays #ShopeeFinds

Christmas is the time of the year when we get to go all out on decorations.  I always love decorating the house for the Holidays as I can be as elaborate as I can be.  For this year, I am planning a Pink Christmas Decoration Theme because pink is life !  But seriously, since the lockdowns I have a lot of pink things here and there in my condo.    As early as today the pink Christmas decorations I ordered online are arriving and I can’t wait to show you my final look.

Meanwhile, here are Pink Christmas Decoration Themes I gathered around the internet that you can get inspiration from if you plan on a Pink Christmas theme as well.  I also included links on where you can buy them or at least similar products inspired to make the same look and feel.  Enjoy!

Pink Christmas Tree

pink christmas decoration theme

A white Christmas tree adorned with Pink Christmas ornaments look glam and feminine!

BUY a White Christmas tree for Php499-999 only here  : 6 feet white christmas tree


A Pink Christmas Tree for a monotone Pink Christmas Decoration Theme also looks great !

BUY a 5 ft Pink Christmas Tree for Php844 only here : 5 Ft Pink Xmas


pink christmas tree

The traditional green colored Christmas tree also works well with pink decorations for a pink xmas decor theme!  A slim Christmas tree works well in small spaces like condos and apartments.  What’s good with the traditional green tree is you can change color themes every year just make sure to pack your trees carefully after the holidays if cared for well they last a lifetime !

BUY a SLIM type Cristmas tree here price starts at Php899 only here:  Slim Xmas Tree

Complete your Pink Christmas Theme decorations with garlands, Christmas lights, table settings and the works.   Pink works well with silver, gold and white, but I did find a pink and red Christmas decoration and it looked great !  So you can still use all the Santa Claus, Santa Hat and whatever traditional Christmas Color scheme you have from last years Christmas!

pink christmas decoration with red


BUY Santa Claus decorations for Php30 onwards (depends on how much you want to splurge here :  Santa Claus decorations!


More Pink Christmas decorations to adorn your homes here:

pink christmas ornaments pink christmas ornaments


Scented candles also makes great centerpiece decorations for your dining area, console tables or work tables and desk!

BUY PINK Candles here for Php100-Php200 only!

pink christmas ornaments pink christmas ornaments pink christmas ornaments pink christmas ornaments pink christmas ornaments



Buy pink and white and silver balls and DIY yourself this gorgeous Christmas Ball wreathe!

I bought a 12 pcs set of pink xmas Balls for Php277 only here!  Pink Christmas Balls

pink christmas ornaments


pink christmas ornaments pink christmas ornaments pink christmas ornaments


If you don’t have time, or talent to put all things together then buy something premade, everything you need you can find it on Shopee where there’s always Christmas in Our Carts!   :  Here are my Shopee Finds Pink Xmas Decor that you can get at discount prices and free shipping especially on a Payday Sale like today!


This could be the second year we will all be spending Christmas without friends, relatives, colleagues, so it is okay to treat yourself a little something to cheer you up!   Decorate your homes you see it every day!

Stay gorgeous everyone !