You Should Get this Magnetic Eyelashes if you want an Instant Glow-Up in 1 minute !

You Should Get this Magnetic Eyelashes if you want an Instant Glow-Up in 1 minute !

Magnetic Eyelashes are perfect for an instant glow-up especially when you don’t want to spend so much time doing your makeup.

I’ve been feeling drab since the last quarter of 2021 and I feel I need to take care of myself and look good to feel good.  But, I am super lazy doing any of my usual skincare and makeup regimen post-pandemic.

But, we started to go out in November last year because cases then went down to three digits.  Since we were all wearing masks it is pointless to wear lipstick that will rub off your face mask anyway.  Our eyes are the only thing exposed out there for people to see and so I decided to try some Magnetic Eyelashes that will give me that instant made-up look without too much effort.

I got this Magnetic eyelash Luxx Lashes and the first time putting them on was kinda difficult especially if you don’t have that eyelashes clamp that I didn’t know to exist then haha! Anyway here was my first try putting it on it took me hours hahahaha!

Anyway, even before putting on magnetic eyelashes I really have a difficulty in wearing eye makeup, false eyelashes with the glue things and even putting on a wingtip eyeliner!

After a whole day of practice, I finally was able to put on the Magnetic Eyelashes in less than a minute for each eye! Here:

The video above is to show you how I was wearing it for about 7 hours even took a nap while it was on and it didn’t budge. The only way your magnetic eyelashes will fall off is when you pull it off intentionally, otherwise, it stays intact.

How to put on magnetic eyelashes and how does it work?
It is really simple you just clip the two magnets in between your real lashes.
No it doesn’t hurt and it is not heavy. It is light as a feather!
The great thing about wearing magnetic eyelashes is they are reusable and you can use it as long as the magnet is working.
Taking care of it is very easy, you just have to rinse it with isopropyl alcohol to remove dirt and of course to sanitize it.
The magnetic eyelashes come in 6 pieces, 2 full eyelashes, and 4 small pieces for each corner of the eye.

This is also a better alternative to having an eyelash extension because eyelash extensions actually take your original eyelashes off when they fall off!

magnetic eyelashes

If by any chance you lost or missed the two small ends, you can purchase a replacement!

You can purchase your Paige Luxx Lashes magnetic eyelashes here 

at the moment they are in pre-ordering and will ship in 30 days but…

and get the magnetic eyelashes applicator here


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