How to Register Online in BIR and DTI 2022 easily for Freelancers/ Sole Proprietorships/ Mixed Income Earners

How to Register Online in BIR and DTI 2022 easily for Freelancers/ Sole Proprietorships/ Mixed Income Earners

How to register online in BIR and DTI is made easy this 2022   This post is for Freelancers, Sole-Proprietorship and Mixed Income Earners only.

Have you been wanting to register in BIR and DTI  but can’t seem to do it in person?  Since the pandemic,  a lot of people have successfully started their new businesses at home or have taken the route of Freelancing.  While during the lockdown period a lot of clients accepted an acknowledgment receipt (A.R), some big clients or brand clients or their agencies are asking for official receipts (O.R.)

About A.R.s

You can not fabricate an O.R. if you don’t have an O.R. provide an AR.  An AR is proof that they paid you a certain amount and the A.R. will have your Tax Identification Number (T.I.N.) so they can use this for their tax filing.  This is a story for another day.

What you need to prepare when you register online in BIR and DTI:

  1. Your T.I.N. or Tax Identification Number
  2. A Valid ID (Passport, driver’s Licence, or any ID bearing your name, birthday, and address.)
  3. Online Payment Channels like Maya, GCash, or your Banking App to pay online for the process
  4. Saved and scanned copies of all the Forms you will fill up below.
  5. Your email.

How much do you need for registering online in BIR and DTI

For BIR, you only need to pay Php500 for registration and Php30 for the documentary stamp

For DTI, you need Php2,000 if your business scale is the entire Philippines, Php1,000 if only on your Region, Php 500 if only in your municipality, and Php200 if only in your Baranggay.


Registering your business on DTI

DTI or the Department of Trade and Industry is where you go to register your business name.  This is where you can get your Certificate of Business Registration from DTI that you can display at the place of your business or work to showcase that you are legit.

Here’s how you can register your business online in DTI

This will only take a few minutes with just filling up the forms and going through payment portal channels taking much of your time.   Once you are done… tada! You have your business certificate from DTI

Below is half a page of my certificate, I cut the QR and signature and changed my full name to my screen name just to be safe.  But for my valid clients, I can provide the authentic one with the QR code below and the signature of the DTI rep.


Register Online in BIR

Now, this is the trickier and more sensitive registration.  The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) is where you pay taxes and file your ITR or income tax returns. This is the step for legalizing your business transactions so you can have your very own Official Receipts (OR, see explainer above). This is for Freelancers like Content Creators, Virtual Assistants, or any kind of freelancing, and also for Sole-Proprietorship or those run by one-person-only like small businesses at home or online or mixed-income earners from commissions, sales, gigs, etc.

The forms you need to fill up in this process are:

  1. BIR Form 1901
  2. The Tax Identification Descriptor
  3. BIR Form 1906 or the authority to print
  4. The Undertaking

When paying for your BIR registration online via Maya, Gcahs or through your bank app or the e-payments portal, you need your Tax Identification Number (T.I.N.) and pay for Form 0605 and category DS.

Here’s a video of step-by-step video of registering online in BIR

The only time you need to go physically to the BIR office is when you are picking up your business registration and when you print your ORs.  Remember to bring all printed forms when you go to the office including the official receipts you received online from all your transactions and payments when you register online in BIR and DTI.

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to comment below.


Websites to visit for online business registration



2 thoughts on “How to Register Online in BIR and DTI 2022 easily for Freelancers/ Sole Proprietorships/ Mixed Income Earners

  1. In BIR there is a category for those who have offshore clients, but this can also fall under the freelancer receiving compensation abroad. I think you can just include the receipts when you file for your tax.

  2. Hi. Thanks for the information. I would also like to ask what if I have international clients/contracts/projects, does this fall to a different business scale upon registering in DTI?

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