I had an Eyebrow Sculpting and now my Eyebrows on Fleek

I had an Eyebrow Sculpting and now my Eyebrows on Fleek

This was not my first time having my eyebrows fixed, but this is my first time to have an eyebrow sculpting at Strokes with the most coveted eyebrow artist in the country MoMoi Supe.

I said most coveted because I knew about him from way back when there were only a few people and beauty salons who give eyebrow sculpting also known as eyebrow microblading tattoo as service.  While we know eyebrow tattooing has been there for ages, not a lot of them, especially in the past are that great.  You know those one-line green eyebrow lines our Lolas had?  Yup, that.

Eyebrow tattoo has come a long way and a lot of eyebrow artist and even those who avail of the service know better.  It is not just a two curved line across your forehead but it is more of tiny strokes to make up one eyebrow, and that is what Strokes and MoMoi Supe has perfected.

Yes, I can rave all about it because I have experienced how different and great their service is compared to others.  They won’t stop sculpting your eyebrows until you get that perfect shape, shade and color !   Unlike other eyebrow tattooing/ eyebrow microblading services out there, as soon as they filled the shape they did you are done.

Here’s my entire experience and time having the eyebrow sculpting at Strokes so you can see it yourself:


Did you watch the video above?  You should, so you can see that everything is a careful and thoughtful process that took me I think 4 hours including anesthesia, drawing, sculpting, shaping, shading, and curing my newly acquired eyebrows!

I definitely can brag about how perfect my eyebrows are now.

What I like about their service is not just the service itself but the aftercare.  They will give you an aftercare kit and full instructions you need to follow to keep your eyebrows on fleek!

If you watched the entire video, the kit includes a healing gel and sunscreen and a manual on the dos and don’ts.

The entire service cost about Php27,000 at Strokes including a free retouch after 6-8 months to maintain the perfectness of your newly sculpted eyebrows and that will last you a long long time.  The kit is also included in the fee.

So, if you are thinking about where to spend your Christmas bonus, just like how some people save for a hair rebond, I suggest saving for eyebrow sculpting, it is worth it!

I did this at the Strokes Beauty Studio located at the 5th level of Shangri-la Mall in Mandaluyong.


Here was the post of my first time I tried eyebrow microblading, this was the less expensive and less sculpted version.

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